I See Spanko.

This famous, delightfully sexy ad from the 50’s from SOS is just crying out for some erotic, kinky, naughty and possibly some (gasp!) spanking-related captions and/or dialogue….

Who would have thought a sexy ass could sell the intrigue and fascination of “magic scouring pads” ?

Anyone want to have some pervy fun and try adding in some captions?

Go for it and have fun! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “I See Spanko.”

  1. She:
    You make me want to help you make those flashy whitewall tires the alabaster color of my sweater.

    You make me want to help you make those provocatively-displayed bottom cheeks the cherry-red color of my volkswagen.

  2. SHE:
    So you say there’s a whole family of SOS products, Chad? And that you’ve mail ordered the most popular one? How divine!

    Sure did, and I hope that SOS Magic Scouring Paddle arrives soon before Lucy scratches my finish!

  3. She:
    If you knew what you were doing you would have used SOS pads to scrub that whitewall.

    If you knew what was good for you, you wouldn’t taunt me while bending over my hood like that.

  4. Great advert and there is definitely some spanking needed at the end.

    Dave, thanks for putting the first genuinely heartfelt smile on my face all day!


  5. She: “Are you sure this is the most effective way of push-starting it?”

    He (thinking) “Should I tell her the handbrake’s on?”

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