My Continuing Short-Shorts Fascination

WARNING: The following is a shameless plug of a blog, by a blogger, discussing his other blog on this blog.

Do not proceed if you are easily aroused.

Some of you may not know that I have another blog, The Daisy Dukes Report, that currently has a readership of approximately 12 people (including myself.).

It’s not a spanking blog per se, but has heaps of, well, spankables. And has featured spankees clad in tiny shorts getting some posterior punishment. That’s a 2 for 1 way to feed your fetish.

Thusly, I thought I’d shamelessly once again plug my own blog, The Daisy Dukes Report, on this blog — and hopefully see if more spankos are as intrigued by the deliciousness of derrieres in denim (and other various materials and fabrics) as I am.

Very, very tiny denim. As in small.

“Get Thee To a Woodshed”

This blog has gotten off to a veryyyyyyyyy slow start, so I hope to keep it alive and going — if there is hopefully interest.

(If you have some favorite short-shorts pix [featuring spanking is fine too], feel free to submit them and I’ll try to use them and credit you on the site.)

Lastly, and I hope this is not what the blogerati call “Link-whoring,” but if you like the site and wish to exchange links with The Daisy Dukes Report, just drop me an email and I’d be happy to do so.

Go Red Sox,

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7 thoughts on “My Continuing Short-Shorts Fascination”

  1. Dave, you have another spanish female visitor, entregada. It´s time to learn spanish…LOL
    I like your two blogs, but prefer this, because spanking is extremely attractive to me. But Daisy Dukes report allows me to dream about beautiful and juicy girls getting over my knee and receiving a soundly spanking.
    I think I´m so enthusiast…
    Regards from Spain
    PS: Go Red Sox!!!!

  2. I do really need to learn Spanish!! :-))

    thank you for your kind comments, Luana, Cometospk, and Spankdistancia. I really do appreciate it:)


  3. Finally! Another kindred soul. Am as obsessed about the shorts as much as the spanking. Can’t have one without the other. Can you do reviews of spanking movies that include shorts scenes? The only one I know of is Shadow lane’s ‘Blue Demin’, in which it’s Chelsea’s turn to be on the receiving end, in her little shorts.

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