CRR Hires New Staffer: Kari Sweets

Kari posing with an ancient relic in the CRR offices, something called a “typewriter” (?)

The Cherry Red Report has bolstered its editorial team with the addition of Kari Sweets, who will be assisting with general assminstrative tasks, reader/email blog-correspondence, HTML template maintenance, as well as working in the implement testing lab. Welcome Kari!

“Well, I am quite delighted to be joining a growing team, covering such a libidinous topic,” said Ms. Sweets. “The blogosphere is an exciting frontier in cyberspace, and I am confident I will be an invaluable asset to the team at CRR — and also The Daisy Dukes Report.”

“Wait till you see my collection of daisy dukes…”

For more on Kari:

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7 thoughts on “CRR Hires New Staffer: Kari Sweets”

  1. Hi I am just popping in to welcome Kari:)

    Dave where do you find such cute staff;)

    Is is just me or does she look like she is going to be trouble:)


  2. Hi Michelle,

    Well, it’s no easy task trying to find a talented assministrator, so we went through many candidates and were delighted to find Kari.

    Best regards,

  3. Is that the official office uniform at cherry red that Kri is wearing?

    I tried to use one of those old type writters once, wrote three pages on it but could not get it to print out.


  4. I love your new staff manager!!! You should teach her a lot of about spanking.
    It would be a pity if her cute ass missed the delicate and pleasant taste of the hand, so you must show her… LOL
    Bye, Dave

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