Of Libidinous Blogs & Lavish Hairbrushes

**Let’s Get Libidinous**

All bloggers love comments.

It keeps us motivated and inspired.

The following comment from several months ago is one of my all-time favorite blog comments that I have received. It is from “Cometospk” who has a great Spanish spankblog called “El Despacho Del Spanker.”

Do check out his blog, along with a host of other non-English I’ve included in a fresh and new “Global Spankblog” link list that is on the right side of my blog.

(Despite the language barriers, I really dig many of the the non-English spanking and erotica blogs. And there are heaps of ’em.)

Anyway, he is being too kind of course, but I appreciate his comments nonetheless:

Cometospk has left a new comment on your post “The Artistry of OTK: Pat Hall“:

……As always your posts are setting the proper mood to get libidinous…..

I must say, working on this blog, doing all the exhaustive research, coming up with story ideas, finding photos for posts, the whole spanking/blogging thing is quite, well, libidinous indeed. And if reading my blog gets a reader a bit, say, hot-and-bothered, wow, well, that is fantastic.

li·bid·i·nous (l?-b?d’n-?s) adj.

Having or exhibiting lustful desires; lascivious.

[Middle English, from Old French libidineux, from Latin lib?din?sus, from lib?d?, lib?din-, lust, desire. See libido.]

libidinously li·bidi·nous·ly adv.
libidinousness li·bidi·nous·ness n.


**This Hairbrush is Going to Cost You**

I noticed recently when I created The Cherry Red Report’s “Spanking Book Store, powered by Amazon, I had listed, among the naughty literary treasures and various spankoblia, a high-end hairbrush. A brush that is at a price where I’d need to pay for it in installments.

OK I know it’s a Mason and Pearson (and that means quality), and made of boar bristles and all, but $154? Sheesh.

For that hefty fee, it better brush my coiffure to perfection without fraying a follicle, and punish a miscreant on its own with a built-in battery or robotic brain or some such built-in gizmotron.

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4 thoughts on “Of Libidinous Blogs & Lavish Hairbrushes”

  1. It´s a honour for me that my comments are wellcome and important for you,Dave.
    As you have said, blog owners like the comments of people. We expend certain time, writing our posts and it´s very pleasant to read the sensations our words and images have caused on readers.
    Certainly, I get libidinous reading several of your posts, and it was needed to tell you.
    My best regards, Dave.

  2. Dave I love getting spanked and reading your blog that’s why I’m tagging you! Come to my blog to check out what to do.

    Hugs & XXX,

    PS – Hope this helps to keep the comments cumming!

  3. I have seen Mason and Pearson hairbrushes in catalogues and was tempted for a while, till I read that the back was plastic. For that price, I’d want real wood.

  4. Mason Pearson hairbrushes are no good for spanking – they’re hollow plastic. I prefer the Caswell Massey wooden hairbrush. It stings and leaves lovely bruises. It’s also good for play in tight quarters as it’s a pretty quite smack.

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