Red Sox Win!!! On To The World Series!

We did it!

Down 3 games to 1, The Boston Red Sox amazingly grind out 3 wins in a row, to make it to the World Series!

Can you believe it!?!!!!!!

Time to douse myself with champagne 🙂


Believe it.

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6 thoughts on “Red Sox Win!!! On To The World Series!”

  1. Here’s where I stand on this (yes! you heard it here first~~remember that):

    My brother is a die-hard, full out, Yankee fan. You can trip over the collectibles in his abode. When he’s not working, (off days) you can see him in a Yankee t-shirt, or Yankee Sweatshirt (the latter in Winter!)~~Why am I telling YOU all of this; a RED SOCS Fan! Keep reading:
    **Next Season, my brother is going to disown me!

    I’ll, most likely root for The Mets (but even they seem to be a bad bet!)…

    …I’m, let me say it: I’m truly ecstatic, the SOCS WON, and are going to The World Series.

    **I’m disappointed in the Yankees, but not so much the team. George Steinbrenner should be ashamed of himself~~He literally jinxed the Team, with his Big Mouth, and then, lost a truly great Manager/Coach.
    **What was done to Joe Torre, was a complete, and utter disgrace.

    “Nice Guys Finish last,” said Yogi Berra! Joe Torre, no matter how much money they would’ve offered, would’ve walked away. (Can’t blame him).

    Result: Egos die hard (George S.)..
    but, the “nice guys,” live to see another day.

    I can’t wait to watch this Series.
    Finally Socs!

    **You are The Best, in a field of Dreams! Remember that.


  2. So, what says Manny now? LOL.

    Did I hear that the Rockies had to work out indoors the other day because of 4″ of snow in Denver? Maybe they’ll finish the series and the Stanley Cup at the same time. 🙂

  3. JD and I were psyched to see the Red Sox come back against the Indians. If not the Mets, than there is no team more deserving than the Red Sox. 🙂

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