Cheerleaders Gone Bad

Movie promo poster designed by Dave and the in-house Graphics Dept. at The Cherry Red Report.

Continuing the cheerleaders-gone-bad theme of the previous post, I am currently in negotiations to finalize the screenplay and direct a made-for-TV movie, “When Cheerleaders Attack,” a thriller featuring the beautiful, and ever strict, Chelsea Pfeiffer, and the always spankable Ms. Cherry, both of GoodSpanking fame.

My producer is working with the legendary hip-hop producer “DJ Bumz” on the original motion picture soundtrack, featuring some heavy funk and old-school hip-hop, including the classic club-banger, “Get Ya’ Spank On.”

Essentially, this movie is a cross between “Bring it On,” “Die Hard” and “28 Days Later.” Needless to say, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Source image for movie poster kind courtesy of:

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2 thoughts on “Cheerleaders Gone Bad”

  1. If it’s a cross between “Bring it on”, “Die Hard”, and “28 Days Later”, shouldn’t the title be “Bring it on hard and die 28 days later”?

    Dr. Ken,
    who clearly has too much time on his hands

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