Doing the Dukes, Daisy-Style

Self-portrait after looking at too many libidinous short-shorts and spanking images.

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Regarding my interest in short-shorts: Obsession? Perhaps. Passion? Yes.

But add a dash of hotness, throw in a dose of old-fashioned rump roasting for good measure, and you have the end-result: a recipe for Spanktastic Goodness. Tight jeans just kill me as well…but that’s for another post.

I’ve said it before, and I shall say it again: short-shorts and spanking are like cherries and cream, or, say Hall & Oates. Sonny and Cher? Hm..well, a perfect match.

Here are a few fav spanking & short-shorts pix compiled by the Graphix Dept. at CRR–our little cyber-shrine to shorts & spanks.

I have included the web source below each pic.

On a side-note, short-shorts don’t have to always be denim. Imagine spanking that behind on Ms. Kari Sweets? I can not get enough of this photo, as I just included it in my last post as well. I’m gonna’ frame it 🙂

Hope you like these images.. Don’t be shy–I do love feedback and the editorial staff at CRR reads all comments diligently. If you’d like to submit your own fave dukes pix or shorts/spank pix or, heck, take your own, that would be spanktastic.

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Let’s start things off with a sublime pic below from The Spanking Couple, featuring Sierra Salem. Waiting. Pouting. Perfection.

For more, click here:

* * * *

Julie and Simpa (on the left in the dukes) await the strap at RLS….Simpa is one of the best relatively new spankees I have seen, along with Kitty, Sofia, and more…..

* * * *

My Lord, is this heaven? Clare Fonda doing her thang.

Brea how I love thee.

* * * *
I’d like to frame this deliciousness. Dear FirmHand: More like this please!

Spanking superstar Samantha Woodley rounds out a pair of jeanshorts quite nicely at FirmHand.
* * * *
Spanked with her own shoe? Ouchies!

Awesome art from a book found on called “Never Too Old Too Spank.” Think I need to put that on my reading list.
* * * *

Amazing art from the wonderful artist Endart.
* * * *
The mastery of The Artist Known As The Spirit knows no bounds:
Click here for more:
* * * *

Carolyn Reese has a good cry in this squirmy video, wriggling her hot globes over Chelsea Pfeiffer’s lap.
* * * *

Yummy! Classic schoolroom-style vid. Never seen shorts like that before.…..”You will not be smirking when I’m done with this sassy backside, young lady…!”
* * * *

Cutie Spankee does the Dukes too.

* * * *

This is an amazing video from, featuring the tiniest, skimpiest, naughtiest short-shorts I have ever seen in a spanking vid. “Daisy” gets a pretty good belt strapping from her Uncle. A great sense of humor and fun pervades this classic short film, which was shot on very high-res.
* * * *

My favorite belt strapping/short-shorts image of all time. Anyone seen anything better than this one?

* * * *
A truly iconic image from PunishedBrats:

I know it’s not short-shorts, but, close enough, no? I Really dig this image (attitude, position, pigtails, heck, it’s Juliet), just had to post. Tight jeans and spanking = Yummy. Juliet and Pixie and Chloe, et al. have been known to do the dukes too. More please! 🙂

* * * *

Frame-on-the-wall worthy “vintage” images as well, circa, early-90′s I’d say. Look at those knee-high socks….oo goodness.

“All The Spanks That Are Fit To Print”
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