Of Pouting, Pigtails and a Perky Bottom

Would you spank this woman?

I like this pic so much that I’m re-blogging about it again. British supermodel Keeley Hazell shows us an iconic, tongue-out pouty pose, in an exquisite school-girl get-up, from the celeb-obsessed, silly mind-numbing rag from England — Zoo Weekly.

(Note to Self: Purchase subscription to Zoo Weekly as soon as possible.)

Here’s how we rate this spanktastic image at The Cherry Red Report:

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3 thoughts on “Of Pouting, Pigtails and a Perky Bottom”

  1. i love doin tha pig tails thing. im lucky enough to not look my old age of 28 nearly 29. so the pig tails really make me look 10 x’s younger. lots of fun for parties..

  2. Even I would spank that girl, and I’m quite the bottom! Besides, who doesn’t want to beat someone they can pretend is Britney Spears nowadays? *grin* A Britney with a British accent? I’d hit that baby one more time.

    I forgot to say “Hell yeah we won!!!!” re: the Red Sox to you. So a belated “Woo-hooo!” to you on that count. 🙂

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