Ass From The Past

My goodness. ZOINKS! This is an oldie but yummie, seems to have been floating around cyberspace for years. Doesn’t get much better than this, peeps.

Rough day at work today *sigh* — I needed some cheering up, so I thought I’d post, or re-post, these lovely bottoms, as I’ve lost track of what bums I’ve already posted. [Speaking of day-jobs, as Oscar Wilde so famously said: “Work is the curse of the drinking class.”]If you need to feed your fetish, and it does typically require constant feeding and maintenance, you’ve come to the right blog.

Jordan Capri. In Detention, no?

Kendall Blaze, doing some, what else, sneaker warehouse inventory. Never have warehouses been this hot before. “Kendall? Yes, I need the Adidas CrossFire in model in size 11.5. ASAP!”

Maybe all you thong-dislikers are on to something….

Zoinks! ! ! Hmm mm….what is going in here? dare I wonder? Looks like she’s resigned to her fate, waiting for Coach Cherry Red Dave to tan some sense into that naughty backside…don’t you think?

Trouble comes in threes: It’s a slumber party gone wild, and gone terribly wrong? These girls would most certainly keep my hand, hairbrush and belt quite busy....

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