High-Fashion Global Warming

Is this the best mainstream spanking-oriented ad in recent advertising history? I say yes. Love the way his arm is wrapped under her tummy, her jean-shorts with her legs kicking up. Sexyhot.

The editorial team at The Cherry Red Report are just mesmerized by the rare mainstream print/magazine ads that startle and intrigue us with wonderful and erotic spankosexual themes.

These ads are the best, in my humble opinion, of the last decade or so that I am aware of — I’d be curious if any readers have any recent mainstream spanko-oriented mainstream print ads you’d recommend?

No doubt, I’ve overlooked some gems and most likely delicious ads from other countries as well, such as the “American Eagle” ad from Italian Vogue, which is my all-time favorite.

Interestingly, these 3 examples are all clothing ads and, no surprise here, all feature Very Good Looking Models spanking other Very Good Looking Models. Nothing too subtle here.

Perhaps the best example of a supermodel perfectly positioned over-the-knee in modern advertising. Imagine the closet(?) spankophile ad exec. that approved this ad campaign. Imagine being a fly on the wall during that photo shoot.

While perhaps not as iconic as the Gucci ad, this alluring and unusual image is, if I’m not mistaken, from a clothing/fashion company based in South Africa. By the way, what the heck is he spanking her with ??

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6 thoughts on “High-Fashion Global Warming”

  1. The unknown implement he’s using to spank her (whatever it is) reminds me of some of the sillier “tools” that were used in spanking mags back in the 1980’s like tv remote controls, kitchen rolling pins, even fireplace-sized branches of trees — objects that would definitely cause serious physical injury to the spankee if applied to their bare bottoms. However those nasty objects never quite made contact with the young lady’s asscheeks (whew. In fact her cheeks always looked snow-white and untouched, not even a handprint to be found.
    But as we know things have changed dramatically since then, as lovely bare bottomed (sometimes naked…hooray for naked!) young ladies are wiggling kicking and squirming across a determined spanker’s lap under the hand, paddle, strap and other more realistic rump-roasting implements like the dreaded wooden hairbrush. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm. Anyway, I think the remote controls are mostly being used to change channels these days, and the rolling pins are happily employed in the kitchen where they belong, while the fair and naughty brat of the house is getting her sweet hide tanned upstairs, and all is again right with the world.

  2. Advertisement is a fine art. When it finds another beautiful and fine art such spanking, mix is really erotic, funny and gorgeous.
    Maybe it should be more ads that included spanking, it attracts people attention. It´s a powerful tool.
    Thanks for your great posts.
    Regards from Spain

  3. It is a pity what language but I would like to say the following:

    The BDSM has earned a place in popular culture but there is still a long way to go in order to be seen as a philosophy of life. At least it is in society is Latino.


  4. Woo hoo comments! I love it!

    A most eloquent comment, Serial Spanker.

    I totally agree, Cometospank, spanking certainly captures the eye as an ad/marketing tool.

    hi Spanking Latin Blog, Well, we have come a long way in the last few years, where spanking is more commonly accepted as part of pop culture.

    Hi Peachie, Well, as you know, I do love spankables. Will take a closer look at Frederick’s. Thx for the tip!

  5. I’ve always liked these ad pics. I think in the third one he’s using some sort of pelt or maybe a club–think “caveman” theme…plus, there are pelts hanging up, I think. Anyway, gotta love ’em. As always, great updates.

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