Kodak Moments: Spanko Photography, 101

Sinn Sage. Photography by Larry at GoodSpanking. 


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Oh happy day! Trying to stave off a seasonal funk, I once spent approx. 4 hours glued to my vintage eMac computer at CRR corporate headquarters, carefully sifting through the voluminious archives at Cheslea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking site trying to pic my favorite photo or two. Yeah right. No luck. Not a chance.

There’s too many exquisite Kodak moments to enjoy. Brilliantly erotic (my favorite–gotta’ be erotic yet stern), yummy and squirmy and fun.

Intriguing camera angles. Expressive. Naughty bits on display! Did I already say erotic?

Seems like the behind-the-scenes folks at many spanko sites often don’t get the credit they deserve. Well, people, that changes right here and now!

Thusly, who’s the skilled shutterbug taking so many spanktastic pix?

That would be Larry, husband of the stunning Chelsea Pfeiffer, who multitasks and handles the photography, video, and web/graphic design duties at the web site. My goodness, is that a dream job, no?

Chelsea Pfeiffer spanking star
Cherry gets some tough love, Chelsea Pfeiffer-style. Look at that exquisitely-arched bubbleicious bottom. But please, no more tattoos, Cherry. Or else….

I asked Larry for some insight on his photos and techniques and specifically on the recent classic, over-the-knee image of “Cherry” above……… 

* * * *


“If this picture is worth the proverbial 1000 words, then I think those words are eloquently spoken in Cherry’s wonderful body language!

I’m both the videographer and the still photographer for our shoots. This means that as soon as I’ve completed a scene, I set the camcorder aside and start the stills while the “glow” still lingers.

We’re always moving fast-fast-fast when we shoot, so there isn’t a lot of time to carefully consider all the elements in a composition the way I would if I were actually trying for the perfect shot. If an iconic image results, the performers and I have got to share some credit with serendipity!

Whenever I shoot, whether it’s stills or video, my goal is always to become caught up in the action; not so much as a distant witness, more like an embedded reporter.

I shoot from unusual angles and perspectives in hopes of becoming more intimately involved with the performers: A voyeur with privileges.

For me, a good spanking pic isn’t fundamentally different from any other photo document. You hope to catch the life, the vitality of the moment that made you pick up the camera in the first place.


Oh yeah…..bare bottom girls squirming and yelping, that’s a pretty good incentive!”

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9 thoughts on “Kodak Moments: Spanko Photography, 101”

  1. I had already added the Chelsea/Cherry pic to my capture/print collection, but you really nailed it regarding the art of
    spanking photography. I can’t agree more with Chelsea’s husband Larry about the elements of a well-composed
    still. Thanks for going to the source and recognizing their unique talents! Oh, and btw…can I get one of those George Jetsonesque computers on eBay? 😉

  2. Wouldn’t it be a little bit odd to take those kinds of photos of your spouse, knowing that lots of other people would see them and lust over them? I can see taking them privately, but I can’t imagine a lot of guys being willing to share. Come to think of it, I can’t imagine being ok with my guy being willing to share, assuming I had a guy……

  3. Dave, could you tell me who´s the spankee of the pic? Is cherry her name? Or it´s simple a pun…
    Larry´s job is very interesting, always surrounded by beautiful spankees getting a good old-fashioned otk, trying to capture the best moment, the best gesture and lovely bottoms.

  4. Peachie,
    Larry and I are very confident and comfortable in our relationship. Maybe it’s because we met through Shadow Lane and were enjoying play partners outside our relationship from the first. I always thought, if someone wins him away from me over a spanking, then it’s probably for the best. But, that scenario has never played out in 14 years, not for me or him, so we’re pretty solid. He’s a consumate gentlemen when it comes to the models, too. BTW, I was already doing spanking videos when he met me. His first introduction to me was when he purchased, “Blue Denim,” from Shadow Lane. We have history and love and that’s all it takes for us to work that into what we do. Hope that answers your question about how he can do it and how I do it, as well.


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