Devlin Gets His Blog On

Talented novelist Devlin O’Neill not only writes exquisite spanking books, but has starred in several films. (Caption by The Cherry Red Report)

It is so great to see erotica writer extraordinaire Devlin O’Neill finally get a new blog up and running — “Devlin O’Neill’s Weblog” — a unique, funny and illuminating site.

Author of the well-regarded “A Maid for All Seasons” series (highly recommended!) among other delicious spanking novels and short-stories, Devlin writes with squirmy abandon and tackles taboos and the spanking fetish with seasoned skill.

[His books are available through and other retailers.]

Devlin’s blog features thoughtful commentary, funny columns, rants and raves, satire, excerpts from his books, commentary on the publishing industry, and much more.

Please do stop on by, check out his blog and leave some comments……. and tell ’em The Cherry Red Report sent ya.

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5 thoughts on “Devlin Gets His Blog On”

  1. Dave, this post sent the traffic to Devlin’s Blog sky-high! I’m sure he hasn’t seen it yet because of the time difference so I wanted to be the first to THANK YOU SO MUCH! He’ll be thrilled! (Me too!)

    Hope you & your family had a great Thanksgiving. Lowell is staying. We have a lot to be thankful for. *G*


  2. Dang, Dave! Yeah, I just awoke to a foggy Left Coast morning but when I saw the hit counter on my blog it cleared things right up! Should have known you had something to do with that, and when I read your ‘Blog On’ post I have to admit I blushed as red as the warm bottoms you publish here. *G*

    Gwen’s right – I’m thrilled! So MANY thanks for the great ink, Dave, and do keep up your own great work in our never ending effort to inform and edify the spanking public. 😉

    -Devlin O’Neill

  3. Great find. I always wondered why Spankotronic went under. Guess they didn’t have a lot of integrity, but they had a lot of promise and some great models. (Plus, right in my back yard!)

  4. It was my pleasure, Gwen and Devlin.

    Spankhortic–Yes I forgot to add the blog hijacking thing, which adds a bit of..errm..well ‘color’ to the blog 🙂

    thanks Tim–yes spankotronic had some intriguing material…then they apparently dissapeared.

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