Spanked: Pulp-Fiction Style

Anyone want to try suggesting a caption and/or a bit of dialog on this one?

i.e. “Velda? Stay in the car! …..Now then, you are lucky, little missy, that you are only gonna’ be sleeping on your tummy tonight, instead of swimming with the fishes.”

I love exquisite spanking art.

This illustration (artist unknown) makes this blogger think of pulp fiction and noir cinema. Dark dreary street corners. Red, delicious bottoms. Double-crossing detectives. Snub-nosed, pearl-handled revolvers. A world in which good and evil are wonderfully interwined in an endless, epic battle.

Perhaps a Robert Parker page-turner or classic Raymond chandler.

And it seems as if there is often an implied spanking, a threat or even a few swats here and there in the world of hard-boiled pulp-fiction, from Mickey Spillane’s brutal and groundbreaking “Mike Hammer” series to a startling “threat” of a spanking in a dark work of a novel called “Wild Wives” by pulp master Charles Willeford, written in 1956.

This intriguing illo makes me think of those rogue cops, tough-guy detectives, and a good tanning…Love how her jeans are pooled at her ankles; the driver quietly remaining in the car; the long shadows over the car. I bet you that guy’s worn, old leather belt will slowly be snapped out of its loops….

And naturally, who doesn’t dig the line: ‘do I need to pull this car over, young lady’ ?

* * * * *

This amazing work is one of the greatest spanking illustrations I have ever seen. (artist unknown). What are your thoughts? Comments encouraged as always.

Looks to be from the same time period, and a somewhat similar style, yet much more advanced in both style and technique.

The details such as her tight, gauzy, diaphanous butt coveralls really makes this one a keeper.

By the way, if you are looking for spanking art, look no further than this site, with a constantly expanding massive archive of over 23,000 (!) vintage and modern spanktastic illustrations:

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Other great sources for spanking art:
The Artist Known as The Spirit


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7 thoughts on “Spanked: Pulp-Fiction Style”

  1. I agree-awesome spanking pic. So realistic ! I dabble in sketching-haven’t attempted a spanking pic yet, except my Christmas card for my spanko friends last year . That might be a future challenge 😉

  2. Great drawing – no matter who did it. A possible caption could be: “I know she started the fight, and she’s going to get it next! Then maybe you two can finish the trip in peace.”

    Involving the cutie at the wheel might be a good fantasy, at least.

  3. Stories came to mind more than captions, but here goes.

    Not erotic at all but my first thought after seeing the first one was, “No, we are not there yet”.

    Story line wise, as there is also a woman driving, who is just watching the scene, I think the guy is involved with both women. One, the “serious” and smart type and the other the carefree, can’t help but get into trouble type. The carefree one just can’t help being antsy and complaining. After several threats to behave, the guy has had enough and decides to take matters into his own hands.

    The second picture made me think of a spoiled model and her agent. The agent find out the model was being difficult during a photo shoot.

  4. “She was Bad; very bad. And, Nick, on that butt-filled Saturday night, had just about enough of her lip. Her Sis, at the wheel, would be next.”
    ~~Nick, a washed-out Private Dick, vowed he’d never go out with the Doll Sisters….never; until, that is, they walked into his Office, on Saturday night, both looking all to ready to confess…..

    I’m at WordPress now.


  5. Amber: Better dust off your sketchpad!

    I like that caption Royce.

    lol peachie…’are we there yet’? I dig that a lot.

    Great pulp-fiction style caption, Will. The Doll sisters? hm….

    Thanks Lady.


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