Angie: A Tribute

I wanted to blog about one of my all-time favest videos featuring “Angie” who only made a couple of films for the Girls Boarding School people; this one has the mundane title of “Detention Room.”
Be that as it may, I say: Bravo!

It’s quite stern yet, here’s the important part, deliciously sexy in a subtle way. Angie is very reactive and very vocal and seems realistic.

It is dynamic–there is a struggle for control–ain’t that what it’s all about? Control, and the lack thereof.

Angie is amazing and so “into it.” Excellent Top as well, lots of scolding and perfect otk positioning.

Older. And younger. I dig the age difference between Angie and the stern Professor, which adds to the dynamic.

The fact that her pants are tangled around her ankles, and that she’s not totally in the buff, clad in that pink T-shirt, well, that makes it ironically more erotic. Gotta’ love her spanktastic outfit–yummy stuff.

Ironically, this vid is from Girls Boarding School, of which most of their material is not my speed i.e not that erotic in my opinion, and tad too serious for my tastes. This film weirdly has this 10 minute intro of 2 people talking in hallway about what? no idea. Presumably about Angie’s detention issues, but I’ve never sat through that nonsense.

Fast foward to Angie wriggling around in her tight white pants and baby-t….

Oh happy day…..

* * * *
A few more pix for y’all……..

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5 thoughts on “Angie: A Tribute”

  1. Totally agree that being partially dressed makes far more impact. It does as the spankee as well. The spanking just has a totally different feel when only the bottom is bared.

    On a side note, is it just me or does it seem like every spankee these days has a tattoo? Am I the only one who finds this unappealing? Or do they provide visual interest to the spanker? Does the spanker even care or notice if they have a bare bottom over their lap?

  2. WOW Dave, you´re a good cinema critic!!
    I like very much your way to defragment the different aspects of this movie. An opposition (younger/older), good top and bottom, right scolding, good choice of costumes.
    You have to create The Spanking Awards , with a great ceremony, spankees and spankers crossing the red carpet.
    As you can notice, I´ve really enjoyed your post!

  3. Mmmmmmmmm…very sweet indeed. And the “maiden in distress” attitude she takes is all the more arousing. You can almost hear her (between whimpers) promising to be a good girl — although she probably wouldn’t really mean it.
    Yes, very very nice.

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