I Heart Kari Sweets

Kari Sweets.
Daisy Dukes.
Any questions?

Y’all are gonna’ be seeing more spanktastic hotties and daisy dukes and other inspirational images such as the above on The Cherry Red Report, as my other daisy dukes blog went to blog heaven.

In addition, the editorial staff here at CRR thought we should branch out a bit into the world of spankables.

Thusly, this may be my favest short-shorts image set of all time. So I guess it’s all downhill from here folks. . .

So what is Ms. Sweets up to wandering around this farmland in skimpy shorts?

Perhaps another naughty cowgirl who has not been doing her chores?…..Your thoughts?

More Kari Sweets images here:
Kari Sweets Yumtastic Tight Jeans Shorts Gallery

* * * * *

For more about Ms. Sweets, perv on over here:

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4 thoughts on “I Heart Kari Sweets”

  1. Very cute pics and proof that you need not bare all to be sexy 🙂

    From the look on her face, I’d say the farmer’s daughter knows exactly what she is doing, trying to entice a certain cowboy.

  2. Hmmm… If I were a man I would definitely spank her butt. Not cuz I like her butt, but cuz she’s very cute: too cute not to be a brat. *eg*

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