Russian Snow Spanking

Brrrrrr veryyyyyy cold here now in New England! Considering the weather here took a speedy nosedive down from 60 degrees (about a week ago) to below zero today (primarily due to a dangerously high windchill), it makes me think of…yes…the white stuff: snow.

And the good people at BadTushy have a most unique snow-related, outdoor(!) update with a somewhat implausible story line: a beautiful, scantily-clad woman, apparently somewhere in Russia, tries to carjack this woman’s car in the middle of absolutely freakin’ nowhere, gets summarily caught, bent over the car and duly punished — ‘lil pink panties in a tangle at her thighs (hot!).

Hey, it could happen, right? I initially thought this was a domestic Very Pissed Off Mom scenario due to the delightful dynamic of the older/younger age differential — alas, I stand corrected.

This is one BadTushy’s videos featuring Russian actors, always intriguing and erotic, the outdoor setting making it even more so. And myself along with the editorial staff at The Report find it actually not a bother at all that we don’t know what the heck they are saying, but it’s pretty obvious. And spanking is a universal language, no?

In this vid we see some picturesque scenery, with the lovely white snow, birch trees and a glowing backside. Just wish this vid was a tad longer and it ends somewhat abruptly, making me ponder: Will there be Part Deux from BadTushy? I hope so.

Anyone seen anything like this before? or participated in some snow-related spanking hijinks?

By the way, Dear Spanking Video Producers, outdoor spankings are quite rare to see captured on video. I’m sure it’s no easy task to film them but, be that as it may, and for the love of all that is good and holy in this world, more please! ok? thx!

Interesting about Russia: very few blog readers are from Russia (at least according to my stat widget gizmotron), as I believe Net access is poor at best in mainland Russia.

A shame, really, as they seem to seriously know how to scold, spank and warm up a wriggling bottom.

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11 thoughts on “Russian Snow Spanking”

  1. Hot blonds, prickly cold weather, a few strokes over my bare aching ass and unlimited bottles of Stolichnaya. I’m going to Russia!

  2. I think a spanking in the snow is one of those things that is much better in fantasy than reality. Now take the situation back home in front of the fireplace, where is it nice and warm and toasty and I can admire the snow through the window, and you have a deal.

  3. lol, MissTrampyGirl. Bring me with you.

    True Peachie, but you could cool your hot bottom in the snow, right?

    Hi Nat–She could carjack my car anytime, too 🙂

  4. Peachie, I’m with you on that one. I much prefer a warm, cozy night warming a bottom by the fireplace and then relaxing on the couch spooning afterwards!

    misstrampygirl– you make Moscow sound quite appealing I must admit. I’m a sucker for light hair and light eyes.

    Dave, keep up the great work!


  5. My real Russian is a bit rusty – half a semester in high school – so I’ll go with NadSat.

    Real horroshow photos, tovarich. Spaceebaw.

    Das vidanyeh,
    Devlin O’Neill

  6. NadSat – The English/Russian polyglot slang spoken in ‘A Clockwork Orange.’

    Horroshow (transliteration) – Good, fine, great.

    Tovarich – Comrade, buddy.

    Spaceebaw – Thank you.

    Das vidanyeh – Goodbye.

    … is what he was on about. No ideah how you transliterate ‘spanking’ but I’ll work on it. *G*


  7. Hmmm… I would prefer this in another setting – as in, girl #1 gets pissed off at girl #2 and decides to give her a spanking. Yes, in the middle of nowhere. More realistic probably… 😀

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