A Master of the Pout: Dawn Avril

Is this woman overdue for a spanking ??

Eighties flashback-style super shorty-shorts and classic retro socks.

My goodness, what an image. Perfection in tightttttttt jeanssssss.

Hm mmm…..Way too yummy. I think it’s her pout that gives the amazingly spankable Ms. Dawn Avril the edge over many other cyber hotties. (She’d fit over my lap just perfectly, on a side note.)

Dawn Avril has essentially perfected the pout.

The spankable, naughty, pouty, moody, rebellious look of a naughty teenager.

Yeah, ’tis true. I love Dawn.

For more, perv on over here:
…or perv on over here
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10 thoughts on “A Master of the Pout: Dawn Avril”

  1. Dear Dave, lovely pictures as always. Sorry for not commenting as much as you deserve. I do always check your blog though. By the way, why do I need permission for The Daisy Dukes Report now?



  2. Pouting is a highly underappreciated skill. It is an art form. Dawn Avril isn’t bad at it, but she is a total amateur:)

  3. Hi Miranda, Thanks and no worries. Dukes report has been shelved. I have merged the daisy dukes report with the cherry red report, to simplify things. 🙂 btw I love your blog.

    Hi Peachie, Pouting an art form? Dawn a “total amateur”? Hm…….I must investigate this.

    Dave 🙂

  4. Of course it is an art form. It takes years of skill and practice to perfect the pout.

    Seriously though, is there a rule somewhere that says that all spankees must be sporting a tramp stamp in pictures? Are there any out there without tattoos? Am I the only one in existance that finds them a total turn off and mood killer?

  5. I’m an average spanko with a “tramp stamp” — though I prefer to call mine “Ass Antlers”…but mine has nothing to do with being a spanko and everything to do with having been in the Navy LOL. I, too, don’t like to see tons of tattoos or piercings in a spanking. Also, the real turn off for me with this spread is that she looks 15 years old. It’s not that she’s not pretty, but it’s a very immature pretty. Show me some women, Dave!

    As always, great bloggin’!!

  6. Hmm… Now following my previous comment on an older post of yours – this one, if I were a man, I would not spank. Ok, maybe, if I were desperate. Why? I don’t know. hehe

    Ruby said tattoos and piercings are a turn off. I’m a girl and I enjoy watching spankings, but a spanking of a very much tattooed chick is not that hot. 😀 *a good example is the one from Punished Brats – the girl had tattoos all over her legs…*

    Cheers mate! 😉

  7. Peachie: I’m not a huge fan of tattoos, generally speaking.

    Ruby: lol..never heard that one before i.e. “ass antlers.” 🙂 Well I guess I like that “immature pretty” look, being the pretty immature Top that I am at times 🙂

    Kayley: You would not spank Dawn Avril? you must be nutz. I recall that gorgeous model way back with PB who was covered in tats. Not my thang.

    I greatly appreciate all these comments. Thank you!

  8. I am not a huge fan of the pics of really young spankees either. I just don’t get the appeal but then I lack a Y chromosome:)

  9. Dave – lol I am not nuts, I’m just a girl, and other girls are seen different through a girl’s eyes. 😉 Haven’t you heard the comment that the craziest critic of another’s girls appearance is another girl? 😉 You don’t comment on girls on the street as us, girls, do. We are evil enough to pass by and call our friends from the mall to tell them about the huge butt the girl in the shop had and so on. hehe 😉 Trust me, we are bitches! 😉

    HUGZ! 😉

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