Behind The Scenes: Real Life Spankings

The Cherry Red Report’s seasoned investigative reporter goes behind-the-scenes at the always intriguing website, Real Life Spankings, in this latest blog post, with hard-hitting questions on why Dave is in love with super spankees Simpa and Kitty and Sofia, et al., how they manage to film scenes in the great outdoors, and whose spanko cats were featured in the background in several films.

This spanktastic and very popular site offers heaps of footage focused on realistic and sizzlingly hot, and erotic, M/f delicious domestic discipline, high-quality videos, creative and cool scenarios, cherry-red bottomed punished cuties, and loads of pix sure to get your motor running.

RLS, which is updated every 3 days, has even shot some terrific outdoor scenes in a nearby forest, bottoms-up temp-taking, and more squirmy naughtyness.

The site even offers a members-only forum where you can suggest scenes and interact with some of the Tops and spankees.

Most importantly, they are friendly, gracious and it’s quite obvious the RLS team not only has tons of fun with the spanking kink, they embrace this fetish with total class.

CRR chatted with Mike, the site founder, who is based out of The Netherlands. Mike
is one of the primary spankers, though RLS features a few other male and female Tops as well.

Kitty learns a good, hot lesson from Peter about not wearing her
nicotine patch and gets a smoking, steamy-hot bottom with her own hairbrush.

* * * *

What is like having a job that is essentially the envy of the rest of mankind ?

It is wonderful. I am one of the few who can actually truly say that I love my work at RLS!

That is fantastic. I can not even imagine what that is like. Waking up in the morning, going into the office at RLS, knowing Julia or Simpa or Kitty or some other beauty is going be arched wonderfully over your lap later — is that not a dream job?

It is a dream job yes, but also a lot of hard work. Those who own and run spanking sites will know that it is a lot of work. It is a full time job really. Kelly and I started RLS as a hobby but since the end of 2004 we do it full time and we are a registered full time business.

Ermm…..Are you hiring Tops who happen to live several thousand miles away, say, in New England or something? [Note To Self: Buy language book “Learning Dutch for Dummies.”]

lol no. 🙂

Dang. Alright, well, I think I have a thing for Kitty . And Simpa also (pictured below)……and……*sighs*

You are not alone in this — they have hundreds of fans on the site.

Without a doubt. Anyway, I’ve always been curious, working within in this industry, is there a downside ? or specific challenges you deal with?

There is no downside really. Sometimes someone posts one of our videos online but our members keep an eye out and warn us and then it gets taken down quickly.

We are very liberal in Holland which we are proud of. When I heard what happened to The Spanking Couple, that makes me sad — and angry.

With regards to competition, our RLS website is unique and doing very well and there is room for everyone.

Simpa is not only so beautiful, but very, very toned, am I correct? Looks like she’s no stranger to a set of barbells. My only concern is I think she could definitely kick my butt if I attempted to punish her, though hopefully I would be able to manage *G*

Hahaha. Simpa is indeed very well toned but she is a little sweetheart though. Although VERY naughty!

Yum! I was also wondering how were you able to film that intriguing outdoor scene with Julia and Simpa? (they are spanked in the woods, otk, with Peter sitting on an overturned log.) Were you or the spankees concerned some stray hiker would come across, say, Julia’s or Simpa’s gorgeous glowing posterior in the woods?

We have got a few outdoor spots we use that are very remote. You can see someone coming from a long way off so ideal for outdoor discipline.

In a few of your videos, I saw a cat happily perched and purring on a bookshelf as I recall. Is that the house cat? No relation to the model Kitty?

That was either Nena or Balou. Those two always want to be in the videos! Closet Feline spankers they are! I wonder where they get it from? 🙂 We have four cats actually.

How do you come up with the scenarios? Seems like they are based on, for the most part, actual issues and offenses? And the others are various fantasies and such suggested by deviant pervs such as myself?

In most of our videos the girls are spanked for actual issues or offenses but our members do suggest the occasional fantasy and we do our best to act them out. They also suggest what the spankees should wear and how they should be punished and
with what etc. Lots of interaction which is a lot of fun. (not for the girls sometimes though.)

These models, nonetheless, continue to get into all sorts of trouble, naughtyness and hijinks and the like. Keeps you busy I supppose? It’s a challenge keeping everyone line no doubt. So the question is: will they ever learn?

I hope not! Wouldn’t be much of a spanking site if all the girls suddenly stopped misbehaving now would it ?

Very true. Is there any other similar company in The Netherlands?

We are the only professional spanking site in Holland and Belgium yes.

What are you future plans for Real Life Spankings?

Yes we are working hard on our own high quality widescreen DVD productions. The first DVD will be out in January. We will also be selling compilation DVD’s with the best videos from the girls on our website. We also have lots of new naughty lassies who want to join so we will continue to grow in the years to come.

Thank you so much for your time, and keep up the spankastic work.

You are very welcome!

p.s. All photos in this post are kind courtesy of RLS.

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10 thoughts on “Behind The Scenes: Real Life Spankings”

  1. Good interview, Dave. I’m rather fond of Paula and Anja on the site…not to mention Sofia. All lovely, all naughty, all very spankable……
    You’re right. Spanking lovelies like these would be a dream job. We need to figure out how to make it happen!

    Dr. Ken

  2. So Dave, interesting interview with the auteur of what looks like one of the more authentic pay sites. But what did happen to “The Spanking Couple”. I noticed their site was down. I’d like to hear the story behind their “disappearance”, if you know what happened.

  3. Great interview. I absolutely love Real Life Spankings — and the owners seem like really nice people. I’d have to say this is actually my favorite professional spanking site and has been for quite awhile. I love the variety of women they have as models, too. Not all of their models have that pseudo-anorexic child-look that is so popular elsewhere. There are all sizes, ages, and colors–which is truly a breath of fresh air. Their models have ever look from girl-next-door to funky goth-chick. And they have some good looking male spankers, too! As a woman and a spankee, I would recommend this to others of my creed. With so many sites catering solely to the male populace, it’s nice to see a site that satisfies both.

  4. Interesting interview, great site. One of the few sites i’ve seen that features “interesting” looking girls, without a whole lot of other (unnecessary) non-spanking fetish stuff thrown in… you just have to love Julie and her snakebites/labret/medusa, and I remember seeing some pretty cool tats when I was a member, too

  5. A very good interview Dave, you did excellently.
    Here in Europe we can do it very well as you can see. Visit Netherlands you won´t be disappointed, there are a lot of things to do…
    I really find Simpa marvellous. I could include her in my January´s Contest with Linda and Lisa.
    Bye Dave

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