Art-Deco Discipline

Simply striking and marvelous artwork, recently seen on the fine blog, All Things Spanking, which states this colorful illustration is from the 1930’s Ladies Home Journal magazine.

Makes me think of Art-Deco Design. The Great Gatsby. Flappers getting their fanny warmed. And I wonder what the story behind this artwork is. Anyone care to speculate?

Love their sharp, classy attire, the expressions and time-honored lap-top position, the eye-popping cherry red colors, the attention to detail. One of the finest illustrations I have seen, and always a great pleasure to stumble across artwork this blogger has never seen before.

As always, comments are welcome.

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11 thoughts on “Art-Deco Discipline”

  1. Hmmm… The newspaper caught my eye. Maybe on a fit of revenge or whatever the girl made some interesting statements about her boyfriend… or maybe the guy found out from the newspaper the whereabouts of his girlfriend’s wandering during her ‘shooting a movie’ trip.

    Is it only me or this drawing looks exquisite with the girl dressed, not undressed?

  2. Totally classic spanking scene. She was probably being bratty and had an attitude while he was trying to enjoy his paper. She was trying to get attention and suceeded, in not quite the way she expected.

  3. I think Mitch is onto something. The dapper fellow was reading the society pages and discovered something scandolous about his sweetheart. That would earn the smartly dressed flapper a trip over her hubby’s knee!

  4. Love the sharp 30’s clothing and the period graphics of this but I am also a big fan of 40,s wartime women in those close cut uniforms, both periods had great make up styles for women with dark red lipstick on pale powdered faces Mmmmmmmm…


  5. There is certainly something to be said for being spanked by a man in a suit. Just not the same as being spanked by a guy in sweats- not that I’d turn down the guy in sweats mind you. There is just something appealing about a man who is well dressed. Makes my heart melt everytime.

    I think I was born in the wrong era. I love the dresses and heels and feminine style of the past. But then I’m a girlie girl and rarely wear pants even now 🙂

  6. Maybe my old eyes are finally giving out or something, but I can’t make out the caption on the drawing. What does it say? “I never in my life….” ….somthing.

    Dr. Ken

  7. Thx for the comments everyone! :))

    Def. seems like fine spanking artwork intrigues us all.

    Love hearing reader’s interpretations of such a delicious image 🙂 I didn’t even pay attention to the newspaper–I can’t make out the writing either all that well…


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