BadTushy Gets Into the Mouth Soaping Biz



Belt-spanked and mouth-soaped simultaneously………..

The two search keywords that really stand out among the blog statistics that surfers use to stumble across this blog, involve, number one, the sudsy practice of mouthsoaping, and number two, the feverishly hot bottoms-up temp taking kink.

In addition to the more mundane, for example, ‘hot ass tushies tingly tannings XXX’ and ‘butto bongo spanko’ search words that surfers type into Google to find this blog among others, folks are quite intrigued with temps and mouth soaping.

Regarding mouth soaping, I had no idea that was an actual fetish of sorts — apparently, it is, though personally it does not intrigue me all that much. There’s even a message board on mouth soaping moderated by the appropriately named soapster: “Soapy One.”

In this cleansing spirit, I offer to you the latest Bad Tushy update, an unusual instance of a naughty beauty, clad in deliciously skin tight jeans and very cute crimson-colored bikini panties, getting a hot leather-belt strapping — while simultaneously chomping on a bar of soap.

Now that is what they call multi-tasking, no?

Also if you dig the rectal temperature thing, BT has some great material on this tantalizing tushy topic.

On a side note, to the right is a wonderfully rendered, more graphic, yet eroticized anime illustration (artist unknown) of a bottoms-up rectal temp. Wonder if she’s in for a spanking, too?

And below I present to you my favest, most feverish pic of temp-taking from BadTushy. While not as graphic as other thermometer probing, rosebud-winking imagery, it leaves much to my overly active imagination and fantasies.

You know if there’s one thing I’ve learned since I started blogging, there’s heaps more fetishes than I had ever thought.

Though it goes without saying, but I shall say it anyway: I think the spanko kink is the most fabulous of them all.

“Look, here’s the deal. It’s a lot more accurate this way. So stop whining before I put some Ivory soap in that fresh mouth of yours….”


Editor’s Note: Coming soon! Stay tuned for future posts on my fav topic of way-too-tiny and skimpy Daisy Dukes, and cute and spoiled spankable brats; a sizzling spread-eagle belt-strapping video you’ve likely not seen before; spotlights on awesome spanko bloggers; and more spanktastic features. As always, comments encouraged and story ideas/suggestions are always welcome, too.

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6 thoughts on “BadTushy Gets Into the Mouth Soaping Biz”

  1. I don’t get the mouth soaping thing either. Who seriously gets turned on eating Ivory?

    The temperature taking bit I can take or leave, depending upon how it is handled. At least there is a certain amount of intimacy and eroticism involved.

    Dave I hate to say it but in your favorite pic, the temperature taker looks bored and has man hands 🙂

  2. Well I for one ‘love’ the tushy temp thing so sooo yummy enemas are good too but images along side spanking for rectal temps is just great…

    Keep up the good work 🙂


  3. Mouthsoaping can be a very erotic if not humiliating punishment that goes hand-in-hand with spanking and other corporal punishments. While eating the soap is not recommended, having to endure the soap during another punishment, or the mouthsoaping as the punishment, the taste lingers longer than the sting on the paddle, in a lot of cases.

  4. For me,the sight of a red-bottomed girl with a rectal thermometer peaking from between her “cheeks” is HOT.Naughty girls should always have their temperatures taken rectally anyway.

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