Of Daisy Dukes, Tight Panties, and Perky Bottoms

Weary of all this holiday crazyness, and with the weather alternating between sleet, snow, rain and general fog today in New England, I am going through some moderate Daisy Dukes withdrawal symptoms.

I need more short shorts.

Thusly, I thought I’d share some delightful imagery of the terribly spankable and perfectly perky posterior of Tina, clad in panty-peeking shorts that would make the original Daisy Duke, Catherine Bach from the “Dukes of Hazzard” do a double-take on this deliciousness.

These are among the best daisy dukes images we’ve seen here at The Cherry Red Report headquarters.

Pix courtesy of the Jeans and Panties web site, which offers a short teasing vid of Tina being quite naughty, sure to melt hard-drives everywhere.

Can you imagine your naughty girl sneaking out in a get-up like this? How on Earth would you deal with Her? Please do tell!

Click here for more pervy pix:

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6 thoughts on “Of Daisy Dukes, Tight Panties, and Perky Bottoms”

  1. Very cute pics.

    Well, as a straight, non-spanker, what I’d do isn’t germaine to this blog 😛

    However, assuming I was a spanker, I think a bottom like that is just begging for a firm palm then a very happy ending….

  2. Dave! You truly are a sadist if you want girls to go around in short shorts in New England in December! I can’t even imagine where they’d end up with goosebumps. Well, yes I can, otherwise I wouldn’t have mentioned it, and there are certain places where a girl should just not be cold! Though you’ve probably come up with a way to warm them up, so I guess the point is moot. Carry on!

    Happy late Xmas and early New Year and whatnot. Heard you’re getting a storm again tomorrow. I hope if you come across girls wearing short shorts in the snow, they also have nice boots.

    Best wishes,

  3. Oh, if my little darling left the house dressed like that, when she came back – the shorts would come off and she’d get a simple blistering with the paddle across the table. She knows it well, and knows to dress well when she goes out.

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