I Heart Erica Corvina

This fetching brunette beauty, Erica Corvina, and delightful photos from the site Punished Brats really caught the eye of the editorial team at The Cherry Red Report. Is this naughty teenager, played by Ms. Corvina, getting a good spanking from her Mom? hm…Perhaps.
Her fashionable boots in the hot pix below would come in quite handy in the current snowstorm we are enjoying in New England, and that sizzlingly steamy posterior, clad in snug and spanktastic bikini panties, is a fine way to stay warm and toasty in the cold chill.
The Report asked Punished Brats for some background on this new bottom:

“We worked with her for the first time in late November. It was clear from the beginning that a star was born. She will be back for a major shoot in late January. This sort of gig is only offered to our A listers.”

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4 thoughts on “I Heart Erica Corvina”

  1. Always nice to see a real spanking on a covered bottom. Not too many of those floating around.

    It begs the question, just how many spankees are only spanked bare bottom? Personally I think there is just something about a spanking on panties…..

  2. Hi Peachie,

    I concur. There is something exquisite about a panty warming….and a beautiful bottom wriggling otk– framed by snug, cute panties.


  3. I have got to hand it to you–you actually found the girl with nice boots!

    As for spanking on panties, there should always be panties in the beginning, at least! And there should always be cute panties. There’s something too… judicial.. about starting off all nekkid. I mean, it has its place, but for spanking sexiness vs. punishment sexiness, panties are a must! At least until they’re tugged down.

    Sorry to ruin the fruit theme… if it helps, my little schoolhouse could have been an apple (also a sexy spanking fruit!).


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