Dreaming in Sepia-Toned Spanking Delights

This is certainly one of my all-time favorite photos, from I believe “Spank Hard” or “Over the Knee” magazine, circa: 1995-ish approx. or so, back when pioneering souls produced such titillating periodicals and people like me received them anxiously and secretly, clad in plain manila envelopes, via a discreet post office box.

I know I posted the original color version on this blog before, and a similar version to the above, but I wanted to see how this classic image looked in warm sepia-tone; so I added in some sepia color, along with a dose of a dream-like fade and softness to it.

Also I seem to have cropped out the spanker’s head as it was a bit of a distraction to the derriere on display. (Seems this blogger has a bit of an alliteration addiction, apparently.)

Anyway, voila! Certainly looks like a dream, no?

And below is another classic image from the same era, possibly the same magazine. On a side note, that Domme, who unfortunately looks a tad bored, however has one heck of a Jujitsu-style arm bar lock on her most expressive spankee. Do not try this at home, unless you are an experienced Kung-Fu spanker.

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One thought on “Dreaming in Sepia-Toned Spanking Delights”

  1. hell, those are two of my favorite classic spanking pictures too – especially the first one (I believe it was a small series, but I don’t have it any longer).

    Good taste!


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