The Case of The Cold Bum


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“While I am astutely aware of the science behind current global warming trends, this is most certainly NOT what I had in mind in terms of adjusting and correcting the unacceptable and frigid temperature conditions in this office, Mr. Jensen.”


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Have you ever had any workplace ‘startles’? i.e. some kind of spanking reference at your job, a veiled reference to our naughty little kink?

Quite memorable when they occur. And rare. Almost dream-like in their intriguing occurrence, as if they never happened at all, as if they are merely long-held fantasies and imagination percolating and not reality.

Be that as it may, the above comic and dialogue with a co-worker (“Can you fix the heat? My bottom is freezing….”) is based on a real life ‘startle’ at my job a month or so ago–I was unfortunately dumbstruck as usual.

Sad, I know!

And just like the sorry guy in the comic, startled into silence, unable to fire back instantly with a witty comeback, sizzling spanko remark or regale her with my clever repartee. Or some kind of teasing reference. Well, it is my day-job, so one has to be careful, dare I say, politically correct?…..yet a cold bum? That’s just, well, asking for it.

I should have said something like……….errm………well…..what would you have said?

Any advice, fellow readers and spankos?

Certainly I wish I could have handled the situation just like in the sizzling workplace spanking photos from the steamy new update from Bad Tushy above — or this way, illustrated below, with the following cherry-red end-result (artist unfortunately unknown…pls enlighten me if you know the artist):

“Gee whiz Jim, this is one unusual way to boost my productivity at the office!”

[As always, comments and feedback are welcome and encouraged.]


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7 thoughts on “The Case of The Cold Bum”

  1. I’d have frozen up as well. Not sure why but I am overly sensitive to any spanking related comment in real life. Almost as though someone would know my interest simply by my response.

    My boss makes comments like this all the time. Calls people “naughty” a lot. I truly think she means it in a completely innocent way, but it gets me every time.

    BTW, my office is always cold…..

  2. I dont know what I would have said but I have a startle to share. I was working in DC and it was one of those snowstorms and it was so cold outside. My boss was talking to 4 women and he said “anyone need to warm up I am giving out spankings”. A couple of the women giggled. That same boss later told me to tell a mutual friend of ours that he was going to spank her if she didnt get her act together. Obviously he was a spanko! gabriella

  3. Hi Peachie: I totally understand. I would think most of feel the same way. Regarding your cold office, hmm….;)

    Hi Anon: wow that is a great spanko anecdote. Perhaps I should be more forthright in my spankocity.

  4. Simple Comeback: “well then we’ll have to warm it back up again, up won’t we?”

    More elaborate comeback: “I thought you’d never ask! To be honest I can never resist feasting my eyes on the intoxicating jutting curvature of your impertinent tight-skirted bottom every time you sashay it past my office… I think it’s high time you be initiated into the Order of the Cherry-Red Hot Burning Bare Bottom. And I’m the man to do it. And here’s the paddle to do it with too! Trust me, we both have the utmost bottom warming prowess. I can assure you you won’t be disappointed. On the contrary you’ll soon be begging and pleading that your bottom’s on fire. But I’ll be the judge of that, my dear, by alternately spanking and pressing my cock up against those curvy, erotic flaming cheeks of yours to feel for myself if they’re hot enough yet. Will that be satisfactory?

  5. Hi, Dave!
    Frankly, I find it hard to believe that you were ever at a loss for words no matter the subject matter, BUTT if you say so, then I will believe you…
    Hilarious comment, barespanker!


  6. If she has discovered that you are “Dave,” then she might be fishing for just such a fantasy. I would be mortified if someone from my workplace knew I was “Redchief” on the internet. Then again, I might just find a lass over my lap.

  7. The cartoonist is Gerald Forton, french drawer who livs in the US.

    He told me recently, by mail that he draws that one long time ago for an american eroti comics. He was inpired by a picture of a movie… starring Villiam Powell ead Myrna Loy.

    You’ll find it in a post on my blog:

    it was 17 dec 2007

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