The Mystery and Intrigue of a Photograph

I am very visual. In case you haven’t noticed that previously 🙂

I really dig great photos but I’m pretty selective about the ones I really favor. It’s always a gas to stumble randomly across a captivating and intriguing image of an otk spanking that I had never seen before. And I was quite enamored with this unusual image after seeing it a few days ago on Spanker Bryan’s blog. Bryan found it on one of the photo sharing sites, but it’s exact origin is apparently unknown — unless an alert reader has any info….Perhaps an early Nu-West image? I can only speculate.

Does this photo intrigue you? or not really? Feedback and comments welcome as always.

What intrigues me about this photo? It’s a combination of the black-and-white vintage look; the schoolgirl skirt flipped up; her perfectly perky bottom arched up; her naughty bits on display (quite hot!); her bottom is just completely exposed; the spankee’s knee socks (why are socks so hot? ?); the somewhat mysterious setting (where are they? in school? in some pervy school dungeon? well they are on some kind of platform with no hint as to setting or location); interesting that the spankee’s face is hidden, yet the photo still intrigues….

And is that no-nonsense, yardstick-wielding Domme chomping on a Marlboro? Looks like she has a couple cigs going or something…..

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9 thoughts on “The Mystery and Intrigue of a Photograph”

  1. A very pertinent point. Photography is one area where the BDSM world has one up on the spanking world. Although there are plenty of well composed spanking photos around I would like to see more thought provoking and, dare I say it, “arty” spanking photos around, as you see from quality BDSM photographers.


  2. Dave is visual and has a thing for spanking pics? Really? I’d have never guessed 🙂 You seem to have quite the album of unique and intriguing pictures. Have no idea how you manage to find them all.

  3. Love it! My first instinct was to right click and save. It seems like something out of one of the Taschen collections. Naturally, I completely agree on the socks. This is the sort of picture that could be an inspiration for a story. Avant garde spanking? I’m so there!


  4. I feel pretty safe in saying that it is NOT a Nu-West pic, having spent a goodly portion of my misspent youth perusing Nu-West material. Other than that, though, I have no clue to it’s origin.

    Dr. Ken

  5. The origin of the picture may be a mystery, but there’s no denying its strong immediate effect on my blood pressure. It almost makes a guy long for the days when such matronly bareass thrashings were a lot more commonplace than they are now. A stern woman whipping a girl’s soft naked backside is a strong image, and one that never fails to please.

  6. Hmmm Dave… Pretty unique, I must say. But as strong fan of M/F I tend to wonder how this picture would have looked with a guy holding the ruler(?). 😉

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