The Mystery and Intrigue of a Photograph

I am very visual. In case you haven’t noticed that previously 🙂

I really dig great photos but I’m pretty selective about the ones I really favor. It’s always a gas to stumble randomly across a captivating and intriguing image of an otk spanking that I had never seen before. And I was quite enamored with this unusual image after seeing it a few days ago on Spanker Bryan’s blog. Bryan found it on one of the photo sharing sites, but it’s exact origin is apparently unknown — unless an alert reader has any info….Perhaps an early Nu-West image? I can only speculate.

Does this photo intrigue you? or not really? Feedback and comments welcome as always.

What intrigues me about this photo? It’s a combination of the black-and-white vintage look; the schoolgirl skirt flipped up; her perfectly perky bottom arched up; her naughty bits on display (quite hot!); her bottom is just completely exposed; the spankee’s knee socks (why are socks so hot? ?); the somewhat mysterious setting (where are they? in school? in some pervy school dungeon? well they are on some kind of platform with no hint as to setting or location); interesting that the spankee’s face is hidden, yet the photo still intrigues….

And is that no-nonsense, yardstick-wielding Domme chomping on a Marlboro? Looks like she has a couple cigs going or something…..

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9 Responses to The Mystery and Intrigue of a Photograph


    A very pertinent point. Photography is one area where the BDSM world has one up on the spanking world. Although there are plenty of well composed spanking photos around I would like to see more thought provoking and, dare I say it, “arty” spanking photos around, as you see from quality BDSM photographers.


  2. A.S.S. says:

    Agree… this is very nice find. Wonder if it could be a more modern B&W photo?

    Todd & Suzy

  3. Peachie says:

    Dave is visual and has a thing for spanking pics? Really? I’d have never guessed 🙂 You seem to have quite the album of unique and intriguing pictures. Have no idea how you manage to find them all.

  4. Abby says:

    Love it! My first instinct was to right click and save. It seems like something out of one of the Taschen collections. Naturally, I completely agree on the socks. This is the sort of picture that could be an inspiration for a story. Avant garde spanking? I’m so there!


  5. Dr. Ken says:

    I feel pretty safe in saying that it is NOT a Nu-West pic, having spent a goodly portion of my misspent youth perusing Nu-West material. Other than that, though, I have no clue to it’s origin.

    Dr. Ken

  6. The Serial Spanker says:

    The origin of the picture may be a mystery, but there’s no denying its strong immediate effect on my blood pressure. It almost makes a guy long for the days when such matronly bareass thrashings were a lot more commonplace than they are now. A stern woman whipping a girl’s soft naked backside is a strong image, and one that never fails to please.

  7. Richard Windsor says:

    Now that’s a pic not even I have seen before, and that’s saying something 😉

  8. Dave says:

    Thank you to one and all for your comments–love it!

  9. Kayley says:

    Hmmm Dave… Pretty unique, I must say. But as strong fan of M/F I tend to wonder how this picture would have looked with a guy holding the ruler(?). 😉

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