Do Not Disturb

There are times in the disciplinary scheme of things when some privacy is needed to engage in the traditional forms of old-fashioned behavior modification methodology.

So The Cherry Red Report made this practical, simple, easy-to-use “Do Not Disturb” sign for your next global warming session. (Source photo of the stunning Amelia Rutherford courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking.)


1. Print this page.
2. Take scissors and cut around red line on edge of sign.
3. Cut out white circular area where door knob will go.
4. Place sign on door and initiate spanking.

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6 thoughts on “Do Not Disturb”

  1. Ha! That’s a good one! 😉 I certainly woudn’t use it but I’d love to see it on a hotel door knob, all right! *weg* That would be awesome! 😀


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