Of Spankables and Their Spanktastic Socks

Kinda’ random post, but I just really dig these sizzling images. Truly spankable, to say the least.

And yet, not totally random, as I might have a little tiny fetish I never knew I had: Socks. These pix would not be as titillating and libidinous if they were sans socks. And yes, there are websites on this topic! I’ve googled!

Geez, first it’s this spanko thing. Born with that one. Then the tighttttttttttt, very tight, faded, worn denim jeans thing comes along. Then the short-shorts/daisy dukes thing, resulting in the Daisy Dukes Report, which I retired then un-retired. What’s next? There’s only so many fetishes one can cram into one’s cranium.

Anyway, socks or those yummy knee-socks on a spankable and in a spanking photo, are, well, spanktastic. Socktastic even.

Why? It just is.

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10 thoughts on “Of Spankables and Their Spanktastic Socks”

  1. I think the socks make the spanking seem more spontaneous. Kind of like the spanker couldn’t take the time to completely undress the spankee.

    There is also the youth angle. Who really wears knee socks after adolescence unless it is for effect?

  2. Hooray for girly girls and their ultra-feminine charms, like kneesox and hair ribbons and thigh-high stockings. The naked girl on her tummy with her hips raised looks all the more delicious and irresistible wearing those stockings. I remember when girls also wore those dancer’s leg warmers, which I also thought was extremely arousing. I think they’d look good now too.
    Happy Spanking!

  3. Hi Dave:)
    I adore knee socks too!!!makes the naughty girl look even naughtier and looks hot too!!My very favorite item of clothing.Second too cute panties;)

    I have a cute collection of knee socks and love to wear them for spankings;)

    thanks for sharing the cute pictures.
    I especially like sweet Kari!


  4. In a recent custom video, not only was the request for plain white cotton panties made…but white ankle socks was also a big must. You Dave are not alone in your liking for socks on a spankee. The way I see it, it helps balance out the heat-might as well have your feet warm too and not just your bottom 🙂

  5. Hm. Intriguing point, Peachie. Had not thought of it that way. I think you are on to something.

    Hi SerialSpanker, Yes I meant to say ‘leg-warmers’ in the post, quite similar to knee socks and the like.

    *fedexes michelle-cutiepie some cute socks* 🙂

    Hi Amber, Balance out the heat? Interesting theory indeed! Will need to do more testing. Ah well I had a feeling i was not along in my sock interest…. 🙂

  6. Dave,
    I think that particular item of clothing is there just so that the spanker will know exactly at what point he knocks her socks off….. 🙂

    Dr. Ken

  7. Hi Dave,

    I am not into socks but I really love the last picture…not for the model, not for the socks but for the bed. Seeing these kind of beds, tables etc it does something with me 😉


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