Spanko Monthly: The Magazine

For no apparent logical reason, I was recently pondering the fact that spankos really need their own national magazine. Don’t you think?

And not just because we are taking over the world–you already knew that. But also because spanko’s need a unified voice to express their spankosity.

Something on the level of, I dunno, The New Yorker, but for spankosexuals. A magazine that is dignified. Yet erotic. Crisply written. Informative and entertaining.

Ah yes, I miss the days when I received Shadow Lane’s magazine via post — a thrilling quarterly compendium of naughtyness.

Here’s how I imagine the debut cover of, say, “Spanko Monthly” might look…. just would remove the MAXIM masthead obviously and replace with “The Cherry Red Review” or “Bottoms Today” or ….?

Samantha Woodley, of Firm Hand Spanking fame.

There is something that word? self-affirming? about receiving a published posterior-focused periodical on one’s most personal of intimacies — a fetish. Blog’s are great, but they are so ephemeral, billions of pixels of flittering about the screen, new blogs popping up daily like daisies in the wilderness, in this brave new cyberworld of instantaneous, plug-and-play, point-and-click publishing.

On that note, the lack of readily available published spanking fiction and essays is another issue — clearly, we need more Spanko’s in the book publishing biz. (or start my own company, even better.)

Beautiful Samantha Woodley image courtesy of:

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13 thoughts on “Spanko Monthly: The Magazine”

  1. Yeah, Dave! I nominate you editor – now all you have to do is find a printer! (And some cash start-up)


  2. Thx Reesa. Are you interested in the Associate Editor or Field Research position?

    I’m also looking for an assministrator….

  3. dave ~ thanks for your comments at my Blog {MarQe’s Study} I’ll add Cherry Red to my links !! My you have a LOT of pictures here !!!!

  4. I agree wholeheartedly that we need a good magazine. It seems every other activity on the planet has a magazine these days, no matter how few readers they actually have, and it seems to me that a good fairly clean (weg) well-written spanking magazine would be an excellent undertaking. But I still have a little problem with the word “spanko.” It sounds like a term to describe a guy who runs through airports smacking women on the ass while being chased by security. However I think the time has come for a good spanking mag that we can all enjoy.
    Happy Spanking.

  5. Agree with you totally! You name it, it has a magizine… coin collecting, golf, dolls… etc, etc. Why not spanking?

    Todd & Suzy

  6. I think you where probably only pulling our leg about a print magazine for spankos. They’ve been around for 30 years, Janus and Paddles come to mind.

    But how about if a group of us got together over the internet somehow and did start an Internet spanko magazine. With still images, videos of every kind, stories that fit the theme and what ever we can come up with.

    I know I’ll do my bit. It can be for sale or free doesn’t matter to me. I help contribute my bit.

  7. I agree, Dave. I really miss my GoodSpanking magazine…the glossy one not my site which I love, but holding that mag in my hand when it was fresh off the press was so fulfilling! BTW, the mock up cover at the top of your post is very much like a cover I did for Bondage Life magazine…uh…a few years ago. It was a ball-gagged girl in the Warhol take off, though.

  8. Hi Dave, I own a lot of spanking mags. Ms, Pfeiffer’s included.

    Just one thing on Samantha. Ages before she hooked up with Firm Hand, she made her debut in a Shadow Lane production entitled ” I married a brat”. She has shot at least eight videos for SL. She was in the groud breaking Chelsea Pfeiffer video ” House Rules”.

    Shot several vids with dallas too.
    Samantha was famous long before she entered the Firm Hand Family.

    Sam made her first video at age 19. She just turned 24.


  9. Totally agree that there needs to be a decent US based spanking magazine. Even better if it isn’t limited to disciplinary spankings. I know I’d read it:)

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