A Highly Intriguing Pencil Sketch In Need Of a Caption

Art by Andy Price

Anyone care to use their creativity and add a caption (or a touch of dialogue) to this quite interesting, evocative illustration? Look closely at the naughty details. Perhaps big sis is a bit peeved about…errm……something or other.

[Addendum: One alert reader is 99% certain this piece is by illustrator Andy Price. Andy, if you are reading, more please like this!]

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11 thoughts on “A Highly Intriguing Pencil Sketch In Need Of a Caption”

  1. “I told you not to leave our Teddy Bears out when Brett and Johnny are over! For God’s sake, Cindy, they’ll think we’re 12 years old!”

  2. lol excellent captions.

    Thank you for the info on illustrator Andy Price–hope he can draw more in this style, so to speak!

    My favest caption submitted so far is from The Serial Spanker said…

    “You wicked brat! How many times have I told you that some toys are for grown-ups only!”

    That is pervtastically perfect.

  3. Oh…I think I like Dr. Ken’s. 🙂

    Mine was going to be something lame like “that’s MY dildo — and come to think of it, that’s my teddy bear too!”

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