Spanking On Your iPod?

It was only a matter of time before tech-savvy erotica producers created titillating adult content suitable for mobile devices, from Blackberries to iPods. May sound silly at first, but mobile content is clearly a burgeoning, multi-million dollar market.

And now the spanko tech whizzes over at Girls Boarding School have created a bonus site providing mobile device-friendly spanktastic content – the site is offered free to anyone who joins one of their sites in their growing network.

My question is: does anyone have the desire to view spanking erotica, or erotica in general, for that matter, on their iPod, Crackberry, or Cell? or Microsoft Zune? (does anyone actually own a Zune who will admit to it?)

p.s. Sadly and I can’t believe coming clean on this regrettable Mac experience, but I finally submitted and bought an iPod Classic 80Gig — however, I had to slunk back to the Mac store, head hanging in shame, and return it, mumbling as I did so, as my Mac is so old, and its operating system is so out-of-date and cranky, it would not synch with the iPod. The horror……

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7 thoughts on “Spanking On Your iPod?”

  1. hell, now these (German?) guys are really busy huh?
    Although I’m not sure if anyone wants to watch this sort of video while being out in public. But some people are daring I guess.

  2. There are some things that are better left to the privacy of one’s own home. Not to mention a screen larger than 2 inches by 2 inches.

    And I don’t know anyone who owns a Zune. I think even Bill Gates owns an iPod.

  3. I sometimes convert video for my phone, but not often. I doubt I would ever purchase anything just for portable media, better to have it full size and render it down if I do want it on my phone.

    Also, most of the time I use my phone as a media device I am in public, and obviously not going to watch spanking videos!

    Perhaps paysites might find a percentage of their customers would like ipod porn availible from the site, then they can take it into the basement or whatever without wifey noticing. I think this would be a niche perk though, rather than a real market.


  4. You’re not alone, Dave. I tried to download the application for my tiny, dinky iPod SHUFFLE and something *bad* happened during the process. I ended up having to reformat my entire flippin’ hardrive. … I’m sticking to the radio. *G*


  5. Any media promoting the spanking world gets my vote (what the hell is a Zune though), I think the techno leap that all spankos are waiting for is the Wii wupping game.


  6. lol I’m sure Bill Gates owns a few Zunes, Peachie, in addition to some iPods.

    SpankedHortic: the Zune is a portable music player designed by Microsoft, to compete with the iPod.

    Gwen: sounds like your computer needs a spanking.

    Thanks for all the great comments 🙂


  7. I would SO use portable spanking porn! One of the reasons I’ve been posting so infrequently is that my workload has doubled. I’m training 3 people, trying to cover all the desks that were so recently emptied, plus do my old job and my new one. Spanking breaks are practically a must! Have to go with SpankedHortic here–anything pro-spanking is good. There are SO many of us. People just need more venues to open up about it. Although, I will admit that an inch wide bottom is no fun. But if it would get me through the crazy days I’ve been having, I’ll take it!

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