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This delightful image of model Nicole Sparks really caught my eye.

The arch of her back. The look on her face. The color coordinated pink top and bikini panties. Exquisitely spankable.


For more on Nicole Sparks, point your browsers here:

For similar pix and teasingly titillating naughtyness, perv on over to the recently revitalized DDR, featuring the greatest collection of short-shorts images ever created in the history of the Interweb:

If anyone is interested in trading links with DDR, feel free to shoot me an email here.

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3 thoughts on “Spankables”

  1. Sorry Peachie, there is something ridiculously appealing about bad pop-hop. (Is that a word? The hip-hop pop thing?) However, Dave–despite the fact that I know you only as a spankophile, Fergie? Too funny! I have an upcoming post about hip-hop and the fact that it’s all about asses. And it’s fun! I recommend Flo-Rida’s “Low.” I’m trying to make “Boots with the fur!” a common exclamation. Like, “Did you see that new girl with the cute ass?” Response: “Boots with the fur!”

    Anyhow, cute girl, cute pose, but WAY too skinny for my tastes. On a more serious note, we’re thinking of starting a website. Yeah, THAT kind. There’s a girl I work with who would be down with it, I think, but she is terrifyingly thin. If there’s one thing a spankable girl should have, it’s some flesh on her booty. Safety first!

    Happy V-Day Mr. Dave! (One of my Valentine’s presents was tequila and wine–can you tell?)

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