Scarlett Hill’s Sizzling Spanko Paradise

[This is a repost of a brief article originally uploaded to CRR in June 07. Scarlett Hill really flies under the radar it seems, and thought it was worth a repost. Hope you can check out their site and let me know what you think….]

One of the most well-respected, retro-styled, incredibly well-designed, wonderfully-written spanking sites I have ever seen is one of the longest running purveyors of “spankobilia”: Scarlett Hill.

For close to 20 years, Scarlett Hill has been offering everything from “flaming fiction” to impossible-to-find reprints of titillating, cheeky magazines from the dark ages (i.e. pre-Internet) to downloadable E-Books to thrill-inducing, tummy-quivering videos of all varieties, mainstream “spankobilia” anthologies and a heck of a lot more. What started with hand-printed underground newsletters back in the ‘old days’ has morphed into one of the best spanking sites on the Net.

They really know how to have fun with the fetish with panache — it is companies like these that make folks feel comfortable and relaxed and happy with having this fetish. So hats-off to Scarlett Hill! or, umm, belts-off? err…well anyway…..

And while the company has somewhat flown under the radar, according to the founder of the company, they are fully embracing the Internet age with new downloadable products and videos, and other site innovations.

The funky, creative retro-theme reminds me of another top-notch spanking implement/toy site that was just featured at The Cherry Red Report: Rosy Bottom.

At Scarlett Hill, the clever, over-the-top, witty and snappy product descriptions are just way too cool, and a style of writing I find so perfectly suited for our spanking fetish. I wish I could write like that.

I urge you to point your browsers, and get your tushy over to Scarlett Hill! It’s a wonderful place indeed.

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5 thoughts on “Scarlett Hill’s Sizzling Spanko Paradise”

  1. Hi Dave!

    Good reminder about Scarlett Hill! Sometimes there are just so many fabulously naughty places to visit, it’s easy to forget a few now and then, especially when one’s bookmark list grows daily, as it does at our house.

    All of my early experiences of spanking erotica were of a retro-variety, mostly in stories and artwork. My favorite time period is Victorian, but I love the idea of wild west (or little house on the prairie style) bottom beating. Every now and again I still get flashbacks of Pa threatening Laura and Mary with the strap. And I vow to one day be punished over a bale of hay. Nothing indicates a good whuppin’ like a barn full of hay bales. Is it just me? 🙂

  2. It’s just you. Or at least it isn’t me:)

    But I too used to visit Scarlett
    hill once upon a time and had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder Dave.

  3. I have a couple of Scarlett Hill videos. Both F/m and M/f.
    They are supurbly done and very entertaining not to mention quite believable. The actors are very attracitve.
    One lady listed as Beverly is a spanking S/switches dream as she gives as good a spanking as she gets and is a really beautiful woman.
    I’d recommend Scarlett Hill to any spanking enthusiast.

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