Flying the Friendly Skies at Firm Hand Spanking

I don’t think I have ever had the notion or fantasized about spanking an airline flight attendant. Is it just me?

Perhaps because at 10,000 feet, we are more concerned with trivial affairs such as surviving the actual flight itself and living to tell about our journey, rather than arguing over the mini peanuts snak-pack with a sassy stewardess.

Be that as it may, Firm Hand Spanking came up with a novel scenario pictured here, with Samantha Woodley donning a spiffy blue airline outfit, complete with cute cap, in an intriguing video called “OTK Air,” also starring the irrepressible Michaela McGowen.

In “OTK Air,” we have a caring yet old-fashioned flight captain takes matters into his own hands with some hot spanking action and in-flight tanning. Never seen anything quite like this before.

The photos from this video are beautiful and offer some delightful realism as well….Subsequent scenes from “OTK Air” feature some airline flight attendant training sessions gone terribly wrong with Samantha in jean short-shorts(!) and Michaela (pictured right) in a bikini and white short-shorts (have they been reading The Daisy Dukes Report for inspiration?), facing up to the leather strap and hairbrush.

* * *

Please keep your ass in an upright position…..and enjoy the flight.
Captain Dave, Cherry Red Airlines

All photos, except Dave’s private plane, are courtesy of:

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4 thoughts on “Flying the Friendly Skies at Firm Hand Spanking”

  1. At least it is a somewhat unique story line. Get tired of the same old ones. Seriously, how may speeding tickets can one person get? Or get spanked for not doing their chores, overspending or being sassy?

  2. Further to peachie’s theme: Where was it I read that one of Dylan Thomas’ characters was “late for school” every night of her married life. Ah yes, I think it was on The Spank Statement blog.

  3. Wasn’t it Iris who said that in some cases being spanked can put her into a state which she calls “flying”? I think that was at her blog called “Through Iris Eyes”.

    Oh, and nice story, Dave. You’re right, it is original. Care to tell what goes on behind the cabin hatches of your private jet?

  4. Nice content Dave! Flying the friendly skies is never more appealling.

    Love the little Violet Marie clip with the soap in mouth and bare bottom strapping!

    Keep up the good work.


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