The Return of Meow

Welcome back, Ms. Mina Meow.

Oh happy day! Simply jolly good news to blog about. It’s always a pleasure to see a lovely spanking model triumphantly return to the spanko scene.

When we last heard from “Lil Meow” and her perky, petite posterior, she was deliciously squirming across the seasoned lap of Dallas, of Dallas Spanks Hard fame, in a steamy, over-the-knee butt tanning video from several years ago.

But the Meow is back.

And better and naughtier than ever.

Now known as “Mina Meow,” Ms. Meow has been featured in three bottom-sizzling videos on Chelsea Pfeiffer’s Good Spanking web site, with more in the pipeline.

Perhaps Meow could do a video with “Kitty” of Real Life Spankings? That would be, errm, well, pawsitively purfect.

The news on Mina Meow reminds this blogger of the exciting return of Francesca Le [The Triumphant Return of Francesca Le] and also the comeback of Cherry [The Cherrylicious Return of Cherry].

You can take the player away from the game, but you can’t take the game away from the spanko.

Chelsea Pfeiffer offered The Cherry Red Report the inside scoop on Mina Meow:

“I think she’s an amazing woman. I’m always astounded at how small she is, although she does have a very bouncy little tushy. She’s very petite and sweetly submissive, but don’t let that fool you. She’s a little toughie.

“By the end of the ‘Chelsea Spanks’ sessions, she was taking my largest paddle on her tiny bum, no problem. I’m a small boned woman and my hand covers an entire bottom cheek for her. And, okay, I’m going to brag. As much as she can take a spanking, she insists that even by hand alone, I’m a hard spanker. Not as hard as Dallas, of course, but hard nonetheless.

“Oh and she got her name from friends because she loves cats and makes little cats sounds as she putters about the house doing her daily chores. Very cute! Especially to someone like me, who is also a cat lover. (I have four cats.)”

Must be Cheleas Pfeiffer’s experienced and magnetic lap that magically draws these yummy models from retirement and obscurity and back into the cherry red spanko zone.

God love ya Chelsea!

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4 thoughts on “The Return of Meow”

  1. Oh, girls named after cats. I love them. Seriously. Even my real world email address has the word “cat” in it. It seems girls want nothing more than to be thought of as pussies, even when they’re bottoms… Sort-of odd.

    Interestingly, my actual cat, whose name is Chairman Mao, the Communist Leader of Orange County (despite now being in Oregon) (aka Chairman Meow, depending on the day, aka The Chairman) jumped on my lap just as I was reading your entry. Meow calls to meow, I suppose? I don’t know. Just saying hi. And rambling a bit.


  2. Dave–good article, and some lovely photos. I think you should take all the photos of Mina that you can find and put them all up in one big post.
    You could call it, “Meow Mix”….


    Dr. Ken

  3. I agree, cometospank.

    Hi Abby and hi to your cat, Chairman Meow 🙂

    lol yes Dr. Ken a ‘meow mix’ is a fine idea.

    The Cherry
    Red Report

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