You Ought To Be Spanked: Vintage Ad

“Honey, I thought I was helping out the economy, and here I am getting a butt whalloping!” [Anyone want to suggest a caption?] 🙂

Saw the above intriguing, vintage spanktastic ad for flour, of all things, floating around the blogspace. I have never seen this one before, have you? Just when one thinks they’ve seen it all, ya ain’t seen nothing yet.

It reminds me of the more widely-known, iconic Chase & Sanborn coffee ad [pictured on the right.]

For more of the greatest mainstream spanking-related ads of all time, check out this post: The Cherry Red Report: High-Fashion Global Warming

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6 thoughts on “You Ought To Be Spanked: Vintage Ad”

  1. Never saw the flour ad before. All the old spanking ads do make me wonder just how common spanking was in days of old. Spanking kids was more common but was it also more common to spank your wife? Today an ad like that in a mainstream publication would outrage readers (and delight a few) but for it not to raise any eyebrows, it must have been a common occurance. Perhaps I was just born in the wrong era.

  2. Wow. She deserves a spanking for not doing any comparison shopping. I’ll bet she paid, oh, 60 cents at least for ehr 24 lb. bag. No wonder hubby is angry. 🙂


  3. What what what? How does that ad not say, “Whoever declared this blog objectionable should be spanked!” ??? Seriously, I know this is all grown-up stuff and whatnot, but COME ON. If someone doesn’t like it, don’t come here again. I mean, haven’t we all had an, “Oops, that’s not where I meant to go” experience? A picture of a snake poking its head out of a woman comes to mind…

    Anyhow, vintage ads are so lovely–I wish the world was still brave enough to deal with the thought of a woman’s backside. Oh no, a naked bottom! The horror!

    Dirtier every day,

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