Cherry Red Spanking Implement Update

There’s a relatively new player on the scene, an intriguing company called Cane-iac, which makes all sorts of naughty spanking toys, including custom paddles with snazzy graphics — even a custom one for this blogger.

Some of their bottom-sizzling products feature the delightful erotic artistry of artist, blogger and writer Patty.

Patty told CRR: “I have a whole collection of their canes, and their nifty little otk slip on palm protector paddle is diabolical. Their quality is exceptional and their mission is high quality at affordable prices.”

Retro-fueled and vintage-inspired Rosy Bottom continues to impress and delight with fun, whimsical yet practical products for 2008, including this cherry-themed set. Their gift packages are perfect for that special sub, or Top, in your life. (New hairbrush designs are in the pipeline as well.)

According to the site: “I love cherries! Don’t we all? This pretty hand painted bucket comes filled with our most popular Spanking Spatula, a Square Spatula and Wooden Spoon. These are great implements for spanking and are made of a hard wood that is 1/4″ thick. They come either decorated in roses or plain. They are sure to leave a very Rosy Bottom….”

The London Tanners makes top-of-the-line, hand-crafted leather straps and other spanking implements of all styles with a massive selection. One of their latest products is this flogger/strap/whippy-type implement pictured below.

Ian informed CRR with the latest news from The London Tanners:

“I am very excited to announce two new members of The London Tanners team. Firstly we are really pleased to have one of the worlds top spanking models Bailey, of Spanking Bailey fame, join us as our official spokesmodel and customer service liaison.

“Secondly we have taken on an apprentice to both help make and learn the craft of making leather disciplinary instruments his name is Tyler a young man in his twenties who is proving very talented with his hands and a fast learner.

“We are working on a couple of new items for 2008 including a copy of a Belgium piece which is a double 3 tailed tawse type flail/slapper, also a very fine tapered strap we have affectionately named the Rats Tail. Both of these will be especially liked by Lady tops as well as their male counterparts because of their slim shaped handles.”

p.s. Do you make spanking toys and naughty implements, or have suggestions for other companies to feature? Email CRR, attn: Division of Spanko Implement Research, with your product info and we’ll try to include you in the next ‘implement update.’

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5 thoughts on “Cherry Red Spanking Implement Update”

  1. I actually know Ian of London Tanners and can attest to what a great person he is even tho he can be a little bit mean from time to time (tehe!!). Really tho.. His stuff is top notch and I strongly rec anyone whose never tried his implememnts to check him out. You won’t be sorry..

    Im very intrigued to check out the caneiac’s site.. I love buying personalized implements. Even paddles (cringes!!) 🙂


  2. I am really curious about the site too and plan to check it out. I’d love to buy a new paddle. Been a while since we had a new spanking toy to try out. 🙂
    padme amidala

  3. I will always and forever be a fan of handspankings.

    I have to say thought that the products from Rosy Bottom are great. Very subtle and the kind of things that I could have out around the house and not have to hide when company comes over. There is something to be said for having those little reminders scattered throughout the house too. I do find the psychological aspect of implements very intriguing. Much more than the uh, application. but then I’m a wimp and I admit it:)

  4. Ian from London Tanners is a great. We love his products. Really-really well made. Have never seen a Cane-iac product in person (or used one, obviously). They sure do look awesome on the photos we’ve seen though.

    Todd & Suzy

  5. I stumbled across The London Tanners website 3 years ago and it was there that I discovered I was not the only person in the world with a spanking fetish 🙂

    I have the DD strap, rectangular paddle, Glasgow tawse and Master’s martinet from London Tanners.

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