Guest Blogger Peachie: Of Spankers and Suits

CRR loves to feature guest bloggers and columnists, so in this latest post, frequent blog commenter “Peachie” discusses her devotion to sharply dressed Doms in crisp suits. Whenever I featured a photo or illo of a well-dressed, suit-wearing spanker, Peachie would without fail comment on the spanker’s cool threads. So I had to ask her to elaborate on this spanktastic fashion issue….

“What woman doesn’t love a man in a suit? A well dressed guy is just one of those classic images that make women go weak in the knees. A suit gives the impression that the guy is reasonably successful and lends a sense of authority. He cares about his appearance and actually put some thought into his looks.

“When it comes to spanking, for many, myself in particular, it isn’t so much about the sore bottom as the psychological aspect. Certainly the attire and mindset of the spanker plays a huge role. A meek, casual spanker just doesn’t hold the same appeal as one who is authoritative. The clothes do make the man to some extent and there are few guys who don’t act more authoritative and confident in a suit.

“I suppose my inner pop psychologist would also point out that while guys may be attracted to certain ‘roles,’ so are women. Only a guy in a cheerleading uniform doesn’t do it for me. However, the typical male roles, Principal, boss, father, wealthy indulgent SugarDaddy (ok kidding about the last one…..maybe) all lend themselves to suits.

“So that’s it in a nutshell.”

Graphic source: Artist unknown.

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7 thoughts on “Guest Blogger Peachie: Of Spankers and Suits”

  1. “Does this mean I actually have to go and buy a suit now?? And a tie, also? Geez…..”

    Come on, Dave. Just think of all the trouble women go through to make themselves look pretty for us guys.

  2. After you have spent an entire day in an underwire bra, thong, stockings, heels and make-up, then you can complain about wearing a suit. Not to mention that the thermastat is usually set to accommodate guys in their suits and not women in their attire, you don’t get to gripe. Besides, the lady you are with is bound to appreciate you in a suit, which can lead to an evening with a happy ending for you. If never known a girl who was turned off by a guy in a suit.

  3. Track suits don’t count 🙂 j/k

    I’m sure you look charming in your suit. Perhaps you should post a picture of you modeling it. You know, just to put those nasty rumors to bed.

  4. graphic is by Alazar. i’ ve got one of his pin-up comics called “big top bondage”, the centrefold pages are a spankorama compilation of girlies getting punished :-9

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