Punish Lesson: Of Spanking and Pulp Fiction

I wonder if there are any spanko scenes in these classic pulp fiction books? Boasting some titillating artwork and come-hither femme fatales on the lurid covers, here are a few books for bibliophiles and pulp art lovers, that are just asking, begging for a spanking scene or two.

There are zillions of dime-store novels out there, with similar themes of spoiled, sex-obsessed sorority sisters gone bad, evil gun-toting dames, tawdry sinful nurses, marijuana-smoking lesbians from hell, etc. Pretty collectible, if you dig this sort of sleaze. However, I would never read such nonsense. Naturally, I would not demean myself by reading such naughty, trashy, sexy, hot, subversive, perverted, erotic material. . .

Beautiful art by the acclaimed illustrator Robert McGinnis.
Artist unknown. What a title! Love the tag-line…

The only pulp fiction cover art, that I’m aware of, which depicts an actual spanking. Art by the famed illustrator Paul Rader. Classic.

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6 thoughts on “Punish Lesson: Of Spanking and Pulp Fiction”

  1. Old Harlequin novels are the best for spanking scenes and mentions. Nearly all of them have some reference. The story lines may be trite and predictable, but there are spanking references a plenty.

  2. Thx Paul for the info. Will check those links out.

    Hi Peachie: I had a feeling those Harlequinn novels had some great scenes and such 🙂

  3. Didn’t take you for the bodice ripper fan there Dave. Can’t picture you reading a 1970’s romance novel. Well ok I can, just not in public and not with a straight face.

  4. Remember Richard Prather’s “Scrambled Yeggs” novel? I know there was a spanking depiction there. Whether the book qualified as “pulp fiction” is another story….
    I think I have a few other book covers on my hard drive somewhere, but again–were they pulp fiction? Soft porn? I don’t know….
    If I can find them, I’ll e-mail them to you….

    Dr. Ken

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