Hairbrush Discovery at Target

I love shopping at Target. I know not why. As I typically hate shopping. But there is something about Target that soothes the soul. Perhaps they pump some kind of relaxant into the air?

Perhaps it was the beautiful Conair “Naturals” hairbrush I recently stumbled upon at Target and immediately purchased, while marvelling at its low-cost and rich wood. It is a lovely deep wood with boar bristles. The brush is a perfect flat-backed oval number, made of exotic Pagoda wood and reasonably priced at about $20.

It’s the finest brush I have seen, short of taking out a loan to acquire an overpriced Mason & Pearson brush from the UK. However, I have yet to test this Conair model on a naughty hottie over my lap–any volunteers? 🙂

There is something terribly exciting about the hairbrush — to me, it symbolizes the entire spanking fetish. It’s an icon of our kink. And there was something amazingly exciting that day about buying a spanking implement at Target — a regular shopping excursion suddenly turned hot and erotic. It’s interesting that a common domestic object is so wonderfully and delightfully ‘pervertable.’ Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, but a hairbrush….is never just a hairbrush.

Considering that I am a bit thin on my dome, and there is no reason why I would ever buy a brush, I wonder if the cute cashier had any inkling about my purchase that day.

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9 thoughts on “Hairbrush Discovery at Target”

  1. (Note to self: take shopping trip to Target this weekend)……

    Dave–The cute cashier perhaps that you were purchasing the hairbrush for some woman. She just didn’t realize which side was going to be used!

    Dr. Ken

  2. Don’t you think the clever marketers at Target have figured out who the demographic is, that would be these sort of hairbrushes? And now your post will be a form of viral advertising, driving spankos to Target in record number. Of course they’ll come for the hairbrush, but while they’re there, they’ll pick up lots of other stuff besides.

  3. By the way, nicely done heading at the top. Somehow this new wordpress format seems tidier than the old Blogger edition of CRR (hey, that’s sort of like CNN).

  4. I love Target too! If you think the brush aisle is fun, check out the kitchen section. They have quite a collection of sturdy wooden spoons with and without holes. I always make a point to stroll by that section. 😉

  5. Thx all. Looks like there’s gonna’ be a run on brushes at Target…..and I’m going to have post a very comprehensive implement review at some point.

  6. Brushes are one of those things that I find are much better in theory than practice. Being threatened with the brush is far more erotic to me than feeling it.

    Now having someone brush my hair, that is highly erotic,

  7. Wow, we just picked up one of these last time we were to Target. And we got a better price, like $12.99 on Clearance… so I guess they are not carrying them in the future 🙁

    I”ve not had a real spanking with it yet, but we used it in our first shoot with another kinky couple! It seems a lot sturdier than most of the wooden hairbrushes you can find at department stores, and the perfect size for spanking too.


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