Slumber Party Gone Terribly Wrong?

Frankly, I do not know what these girls are smiling about. Sheesh. They certainly must be in terribly serious trouble, and in dire need of a dose or two of some good, old-fashioned, butt-sizzling discipline. Be that as it may….what an amazing photo of delicious, squirming bottoms to spankosexualize with some cherry-red related thoughts.

After a bottoms-up spanking session over my toned thighs, these ladies would certainly be sleeping on their tummies that nite…..though I wonder if I’d need my vintage leather belt? or that new exotic wood hairbrush I just bought.  The mind numbs at the possibilities.

(I first saw this photo several years back floating around cyberspace–and I still love it…original source unknown):shock:

Anyone want to suggest a caption?

For more perversely deviant spankosexualizing of ‘vanilla’ yet naughty imagery, you may want to scoot over to this older post here…or to this post on spankosexualizing classic commercial ads from the 50’s.

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10 Responses to Slumber Party Gone Terribly Wrong?

  1. michelle says:

    thats a very hot picture.

    and I must say I love the new look of your blog:)


  2. This may be against caption laws but my caption starts with a sound effect.

    Sound effect – Footsteps running followed by a loud bang and AAArg!

    Lady on the right says – Thats three guys in less than an hour that have knocked themselves out, running int that glass door. Do you think we should put up a sign or something.


  3. Hermione says:

    Love your new blog too!

    My observation is that they all have white shirts on. Are they schoolgirls, caught in the act of changing out of uniform?


  4. cookie says:

    Nice picture. But I dont like the hairbrush use anything but that or a cane. lol

  5. pandora sox says:


    I love to sleep on my tummy

    I also love to hear the promise that I will be sleeping on my tummy soon 🙂

    Happy spanks* and smiles* from Africa

    x soxy xx

  6. Bare Spanker says:

    “Gee whiz, Mr. Dave, you sure do run the strangest college-girls-banking-committee we’ve ever been to. Why isn’t tax planning on the agenda? Why do we have to stick our bottoms out like this? What’s a toybag?”

  7. Dr. Ken says:

    “Hello? White House? No, we didn’t find any WMD’s here, either….but we’ll keep looking!”

  8. cherryred says:

    I am loving all of these comments–thank you!

    I must say my fav is Dr. Ken’s……… 😀

  9. Peachie says:

    Hmmm, looks like a slumber party after Dad has had to tell the girls one too many times to go to bed already.

  10. smuccatelli says:

    That was my wallpaper at one time when the location of my computer was more private. Frankly, I never thought about spanking when I saw this for the first time, only about the luscious, ripe peaches waiting to be, uh, plucked…
    Now that you mention it though, those girls have been very naughty to have posed that way and should all be very soundly spanked.

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