I Just Don’t Think These Are Too Short, Daddy

Um…hi there. Completely distracted. Quite sorry. Now it’s time for some short-shorts blog action! and maybe even some spanking.

I just thought these deliriously hot, denim-defying images, recently posted on the Dukes blog, so were…I can drop the f-bomb now that this blog is no longer hosted on Blogger right? ok…ready? errm…..so freakin’….I mean, these pix are so [*CENSORED BY CHERRY RED EDITORIAL BOARD!!*] hot I just thought it would be prudent to re-post ’em here for a wider audience. OK? :shock: You can see more pix from this series by clicking here. After much research and investigation on this topic, I’d put the above photo in the Top-10 All-Time Hottest Dukes Pix.

I do imagine she’s in heavy-duty trouble for sneaking out in such skimpy clothing — and then mouthed off about changing into something more appropriate. And grounding this sassy, fresh girl is simply ineffective and….

And now she’s waiting. . .

**Your thoughts? ?**

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4 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Think These Are Too Short, Daddy”

  1. lesson #1- don’t get caught.
    lesson #2- if you get caught, don’t sass while still in the shorts.
    lesson #3- if you sass, pout like crazy, give puppy dog eyes and look as cute as possible
    lesson #4- hand the towel to Dave so he can wipe away the drool.
    lesson #5- get spanked anyway, but pout and fuss and claim to be sorry so he goes easy on you.
    lesson #6- keep the shorts 🙂

  2. LOL. I am loving that, peachie, however those lessons are of dubious merit! 😉 The only lesson that girl would need is..well…you know….

  3. Just the right length. Some warm-up strokes to the jean-shorts, and then the grand finale to the bare sweet spot. Truly, a sight to behold.

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