The Art of The Spank

I do love unique spanking illustrations. Below is an intriguing fantasy piece, as seen on the massive art forum, Anime OTK. by talented artist “Klauth,” who perhaps is inspired by the imagined worlds of Tolkien or The Chronicles of Narnia. This striking illustration, which reminds me a bit of Frank Frazetta, is entitled “Hunter vs. Rogue.”

I’ve never seen anything quite like this….have you?

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The Anime OTK forum has heaps of art and sketches (though many are of highly questionable taste and dubious artistic merit) ranging from polished pro illustrations to truly amateur-hour scribblings. Enter at your own risk! as I do find the illo’s with underage spankee’s quite distasteful. You’ll have to mine through some detritus to find some gems. I have posted two here I am digging.

Subjects range from squirmy domestic-style art to Japanese superheroes, video game characters, manga animation stuff, anime spanking, just about everyone and anything and anyone getting their spank on.

[One professional artist, Kami Tora, who is featured on the Anime forum, was previously featured and interviewed on The Cherry Red Report blog in an older post: Cherry Red Exclusive: The Art of Kami Tora.]

Another intriguing comic illo from the Anime forum [artist unknown.]

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5 thoughts on “The Art of The Spank”

  1. That first picture there is more than a little disturbing I must say. Straight out of a nightmare. the monster, the bleeding bottom….. yikes!

    Always interesting though to see other points of view and fantasies.

  2. First one is based on the online multi-player game called World of Warcraft. Orc hunter spanking a Blood-Elf rogue.

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