New Bottoms On the Block

It’s no easy task keeping track of all the spankosexual news, let alone the new faces and spanktastic bottoms ready for the ripening, in addition to the countless commercial sites — and excellent spank-blogs that sprout up seemingly on a daily basis.

Thusly, here’s a brief sampler of some delicious new bottoms in the spanking scene.

Introducing Paige, new spanking talent discovered by Clare Fonda of Spanked Sweeties fame, who called Paige “a f—g adorable girl who surfs.” Gotta love Clare, whose red-ass empire continues to grow with the recent launch of My Spanking Roommate.

* * *

New spankee Desire gets a blistered butt courtesy of Ms. Law’s iron hand, who has to be on of the hardest spankers I have seen. Her stern hand alone is enough to curb any wayward behavior. More of this at Bad Tushy.

* * *

Real Life Spankings brings us an exquisite bottom, belonging to the striking readhead Romyna — now if only I could pronounce that properly. Ro-mee-nah I believe it is.

* * *

The lovely Bryanna of the relatively new Spanking Bare Butts site introduces the spanking world to a stunning Switch by the name of Simone. It is absolutely wonderful to see some African-Americans in spanking erotica. More please! And how erotic and hot is the below image?:shock:

* * *

Continuing on the above theme of multiculturalism, Tom over at Girls Boarding School tries to cure the beautiful Dana of her nicotine addiction issues with a smoked bottom. What an image. I don’t recall seeing this intriguing standing up and straddled OTK position before. Do not try this at home! Well, take that back, go ahead and try it and lemme’ know how it goes.

* * *

PunishedBrats introduces the lovely and talented Helen Lei getting some long-overdue schooling. Be sure to check out Pixie’s blog for more preview pix and vids.

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6 thoughts on “New Bottoms On the Block”

  1. Just contemplating how much “research” time Dave puts into this site and how he can possibly have time for eating and sleeping too 🙂

  2. That Romyna girl is ridiculously hot! Oh, red-heads. Love em love em love em. I realized I hadn’t actually commented on your site to note how fantastic it looks. I figured it only appropriate that I note how wicked awesome it is on a post with the phrase “New Bottoms on the Block.” You’ve got the right blogging stuff. (It’s one of my silly nights!)

    That Paige girl, however, really ought to be punished more severely for wearing those panties with that outfit. Even I want to top her for that kind of clashing. Goodness gracious. *grin*

    As always, Dave. Love ya!

  3. Thank you for the nice picture of Paige. That is my favorite shot of her on that shoot. Sorry for the mismatched wardrobe I could not resist throwing her into that “dress” which is actually a shirt for me, and she was down to her last pair of drawers. I am no Eve Howard when it comes to wardrobe or many other things.

  4. There are many beautiful young spankable women of all sizes and shades. The sweet soft feminine backside is not limited to any particular race, or even gender for that matter. But as spankers we always appreciate a smooth firm bare bottom as our canvas on which to express our passion. And some of the sweetest bottoms on earth are indeed female bottoms. So keep bending over, ladies. I for one never tire of seeing so many delicious backsides : )

  5. Commenting on the Tom/Dana pic up there: that must be one of the hottest positions I have ever seen. As you must know by now, I am not a fan of art focusing on spanking in schools (boarding or not). It’s not really my kink. I am the DD time mostly or anything involving couples. And that pic… I love the feeling of helplessness… the feet in the air… elbows on the bed… and the knee keeping her in mid-air. 🙂 Thanks for posting it, Dave! 🙂



  6. Thx all for the comments–much appreciated as always…..and I agree with you Kay, the GBS pic is especially quite a unique and hot image.

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