Amber’s New Site, Panty Collection and More

It’s been a while since The Cherry Red Report last checked in with Amber, of SpankAmber fame, so we thought we’d chat briefly with this delightful red-bottomed redhead to see what’s new.

In interviewing Amber, who won The Cherry Red Report’s coveted “Rookie Tushy of the Year” award last year, I learned there’s a lot more news to report than I had thought.

In fact, she just started a F/f sister site called AmberSpanks,  where she gets her delightfully devious Domme on.

And you will also learn about her prodigious collection of 300(!) pairs, and counting, of panties, and also her goal to take her spanking kink on a worldwide tour. This is why I love Amber. You will also see a very high-quality preview video on her main site that is both a naughty flirtatious tease, mixed in with quite hot spanking.

Amber is as real as it gets and revels in the eroticism of spanking. This ravishing redhead started taping their kinky, erotic and disciplinary spanking adventures just for fun, and then seemingly on a lark, decided to share it with the world and turn it into a successful Internet venture.

**Hi Amber. How are you doing these days?

Things are great!

**Since you launched your SpankAmber site not too long ago, how is it going in terms of growth and success?

It’s doing very well and we just launched our new site Amber Spanks, which I’m very excited about. You know spankees make the best spanker’s because I know just what they’re feeling and when to turn it up a notch on AmberSpanks. So many naughty girls out there that need to be spanked, so I’m going to change the world ya know, one brat at a time.

**Great news about the Amber Spanks site! What’s the most important thing you have learned about the spanking scene and fetish industry since you started your first site, SpankAmber?

What a wonderfully warm and inviting community it is. We had help from Dallas from Dallas Spanks Hard and David from Punished Brats offering advice telling me about marketing and what vendors to use as well as Chelsea from Good Spanking.
They took the time to talk to me on the phone and answer any questions I had. Such good people, I’m honored to be a part of this community.

**If i recall, a way back I did a feature on panties and spanking (Thongs vs. Bikinis: The Debate Continues!). And you told me you had a bit of a panty fetish. Care to elaborate?

I adore panties. I have probably about 300 pairs ranging from hipsters, bikinis, full bottom, thongs, g-strings, lace, silk, cotton, etc. My favorite are soft cotton the color of rose or pink so my butt matches them after my spankings. They feel so good being wedged between the cheeks while I’m being spanked and peeled down from behind.

Thongs and G-strings you just feel naughty in having your cheeks exposed knowing at any moment they could be bared and spanked. I also like boy cut panties where half the cheek hangs out, slowly creeping up higher and higher as the day progresses.

**Yum. Are you more of a thong girl or bikini girl?

I like thongs because I like my butt exposed and the feeling of that thin piece of fabric between my cheeks torn down during a spanking.

**Do you still have those cherry-print panties? I think you sent me a pic a while ago wearing those yummy ones.

Yes I do anyone want to buy them? Any bids? **giggles**

**If you had to pick between the two: naughty schoolgirl or bratty cheerleader?

Schoolgirl. I have a recurring fantasy where my history teacher who also ended up becoming principal of the school makes me stay late and whips my bottom with his belt. He made me sit up front the first day of school because he loved redheads. I bet he liked redheads with reddened butts even more.

**What are you thoughts on short-shorts and daisy dukes?

Oh yes! It’s that time of year finally! I enjoy wearing the tightest skimpiest short shorts I can find. When I go for a walk I’ll wear my workout shorts and drive the men crazy. I love tormenting them and watching them stare as I prance by. I just cut off some ridiculously short daisy dukes that have a thin little strip of jean left for the seat, just for you, wanna see? ?


**Yes please! If you were on a deserted island, what would be the one spanking implement you would bring? if any…?

My man’s leather belt which is the exact kind my Daddy used on me.

**Ouchies. Do you have any future plans for films or certain things you’d like to do in the scene, or with your website in general, or with your modeling career ? Can I make this into any more of a run-on sentence?

I always dreamed of being the red butted redhead who graces the covers and centerfolds of Penthouse/Hustler or Taboo magazine. I also have a 3rd site I’m planning but that’s top secret! I also want to go on a spanking tour — I want to be spanked around the world and spank the hottest women with the roundest butts in each country.

**Oh my. By the way, are you enjoying switching roles and playing as a Top? You look like a natural.

I really am loving it. I like taking these hot bubble butted gals and taking them over my lap and giving them a firm hand. Sometimes they need to be tied down and restrained. I love to watch them squirm and hear their sweet moans and whimpers. They all deserve it ya know.

**Agreed. Do you find it as much as a turn-on to be a Top as it is be spanked? or do you enjoy both equally?

I do love being a top especially since I know I get mine after i spank them. So I make sure i give them one they’ll remember. I really love feeling their flaming flesh with my hands and taking them to their boiling point, then they get their sweet revenge. Nothing turns me on more then being whipped with the belt by my man or a good otk spanking with his hard hand.

**What are the most off-the-wall, crazy requests/feedback you get from your site members or site visitors?

Custom videos or pictures – I was asked to pose dead in lingerie for a CSI Crime fetish series.

**Yikes. Regarding your vis and pix, I love the natural eroticism of your site. How are you able to stay so relaxed, and so wonderfully turned-on, in front of a camera?

Oh well thank you. My boyfriend and I started making these movies and pics for ourselves. Spanking is something very real and a turn on in our personal lives and my love of the camera. It’s been really easy for me to be myself because my lover is the one holding the camera always. Ever since that first time i was ever photographed naked he spanked me and he was holding the camera and getting my reactions.

So the camera is my lover too. I love knowing that people will watch later and just get lost in whatever is happening during the filming. He’s directed me how to become a good spanker as well, even though i think I’ve developed a style of my own as you can judge for yourself on SpankAmber.

**Thank you for your time Amber!

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4 thoughts on “Amber’s New Site, Panty Collection and More”

  1. 300 panties? Not sure I have quite that many but I can totally relate to the lingerie fetish. It is one of my weaknesses as well.

  2. Hi Dave! Yes, I do love the redheads, especially those of the schoolgirl spanking fetish variety! I also love panties (and socks!) I’ll agree with Amber on the thongs, but I also like those “cheeky panties” that show off the bottom of one’s backside and are the equivalent of a thong during a spanking due to their complete lack of useful coverage. Someone was thinking when they invented those!

    You know, as it seems that most of us spanking girls are also massive lingerie collection fanatics, we ought to all band together and creative a site dedicated to our favorite pairs. Hmmm… perhaps there’s our collaborative project finally? Spanked Girls in Their Favorite Panties?

    Go Redheads!

  3. Totally agree on the boy shorts. those are my currrent favorite. Comfy and cute. I’m thinking it would be a great post for DDR. They are kind of the Daisy Dukes of the panty world.

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