Got Sinn?

We have a lot of news from the West Coast and the land of the unstoppable Chelsea Pfeiffer, of Good Spanking fame, who is feverishly working and slaving away in her erotic spank-lab on several new spanktacular sites and kinky projects.

These include a collaborative F/f site with sizzling spankee Sinn [pictured here]. The Sinn site is on target for a possible mid-summer launch. Other projects include a site featuring the strikingly spankable Carolyn Reese.

CRR chatted briefly with Chelsea on all things Sinn, spanking, and some sports talk, too.

As you are a Los Angeles Laker fan, what are your thoughts on a possible spectacular match-up of the Lakers vs. Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals, harkening back to the epic battles of the 80’s?

Well, Lakers put away Devner in a neat sweep and Boston is looking like they’re going to take their series to 7. The way they’re playing right now I’d say anything and everything, including championship rings for our boys, is possible. Go Lakers!! BTW, Larry [Chelsea’s husband and master spanko photographer] says Lakers in 6.

If the Boston Celtics could actually win just ONE play-off game on the road, I’d be happy. And now back to our regular scheduled interview. How is the site with Sinn going?

The shoots we’ve had have been so awesome. She really has a vision for her site, which is refreshing. I’m so happy with her idea of how things should look and the mood as well.

What is it like having Sinn’s bottom squirming over your seasoned lap?

Ooooh my. She’s sexually charged from the start and once I start spanking her I feel her sexuality becoming unleashed. Who’s topping who? It makes this woman’s heart race. I knew from the start she was someone special and now that we’ve given her the chance to show what she really wants, it’s breathtaking.



Will Sinn have any naughty friends on her new site, who get involved in various naughty shenanigans too?

Yes, Sinn will have some naughty friends on her site. She’ll have other women topping her, too, and once she is spanked this may lead to some naughty shenanigans.

One of my fav Good Spanking scenes [pictured below] is where you catch Sinn with her hands down her cute PJ’s, stirring the honeypot, and her PJ’s and pink bikinis get a dose of your hand and brush. Might a similar scene be a possibility?

It’s a possibility. Thing is, Sinn’s style is much more abstract. She, so far, has not gone in the storyline direction as we do on our site. If she doesn’t, we could always have her do a similar scene on GoodSpanking once more…at least!

I know you have dabbled with some temp-taking scenes on your site. Is that something you’d try with Sinn?

Hmmm, good question. I haven’t really covered that territory with Sinn before. I’ll throw the idea out there and see what she thinks of it. Jewell Marceau will be doing to topping for the next Sinn shoot and I know she’s heavily into that sort of thing.

You seem to engage in some delicious rubbing of toasty bottoms squirming over your lap on your site, which I love as that is so sexy, running your hands across those global warmings. So, may I ask, are you trying to cool those tushies down? or warm them up for more sizzling spankings?

I do a bit of rubbing, true. I’m trying to soothe their sore bottoms and ease them into even more spanking. I especially do it when I know the scene is getting very hard.

Thanks for your time Chelsea, and best of luck with your forthcoming new sites!:smile:

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  1. Isn’t basketball season over yet??? And why ruin a perfectly good post about spanking with sports talk? 😛

    Think the pj picture would be be better if not for the granny panties. Seriously, does anyone under the age of 50 wear those?

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