Zoya: New Bottom On The Block

I don’t want to overstate the case, but where does Bad Tushy find talent like this, talent like spankee Zoya? We here at CRR do get a tad worked up when we see an exquisite new bottom such as this, and accompanying wonderful imagery and high-def vid clips. This is one of Bad Tushy’s best updates, ranking up there with the unique soap and strap video with Violet Marie.

Introducing the stunning spankee Zoya and her very tight yellow boyshort panties and bottom-encasing, skin-tight jeans — and tight top. You know I love tightttttt jeans, right, just as much as I love daisy dukes? And those boyshort panties are yummy for spankings. Right?:smile:

What’s cool here is Zoya is very verbal, and pouts and reacts and complains and wriggles that righteous tushy around delightfully during her discipline.

I just watched the first part of this full-screen, High-Def M/f vid and it’s one of the sexiest, hottest, tight-jeans spanking clips I’ve seen recently, loaded with squirming and good scolding — and it looks pretty realistic, in my opinion.

If they are NOT a real couple, they certainly look like one on film. Bad Tushy has really produced some quality spankosexual erotica and they seem to be getting better all the time.

This muscled spanker appears to be a seasoned pro with a heavy hand, and intersperses the spanks with a lot of scolding, which really makes a huge difference in spank erotica. I’m sure you’ve seen vids where everyone is totally silent? Boring.

And I’m very picky about my pix. And the pix I found in this series to be quite perfect — sizzling and erotic — iconic representations of the completely ideal over-the-lap, jeans-n-panties-tangled-at-the-ankles position.

This one’s a keeper.

I can not wait for Part 2.

Check it out at Bad Tushy.

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7 thoughts on “Zoya: New Bottom On The Block”

  1. Ooooh, yes, I’d seen those before and been impressed. I definitely agree with you on the great chemistry between them – even in stills. Do you know the name of the male model?

  2. Pandora: I’m not sure the name of the male model….

    Peachie: I hear what you mean–I must say I kind of ignored their scene description and let my own imagination run wild, as it tends to do.

  3. Dave,

    This guy is hot! as is the woman of course. I saw some previous stills with him and a blonde woman in the same kitchen. I am glad some sites pay attention to the attractiveness factor of the man, that is important to some of us!. I wish I could download just the movie but I’ll probably have to join my first site. Have you had a good experience with them? Love your site. Gabriella

  4. I am with ya completely Gabriella. Often the women are gorgeous and the guys look like they crawled out from under a rock. Sooo not sexy.

    Not that every guy has to look like he came off the pages of GQ but someone who doesn’t look like they just robbed a 7-11 would be a nice touch.

  5. Yeah that guy is nice looking. And Dave thank you for the love of all the models. You are always very positive about new girls I use, or maybe you are really horny. Regardless it is always nice when you mention a hot new face.

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