Cherry Red Guest Review: GBS Spanking Video

We here at The Cherry Red Report plan to periodically feature guest bloggers, guest reviewers and writers and the like moving forward, just to mix things up a tad and make this blog more interactive and interesting, hopefully — and offer better coverage of the burgeoning spanking fetish.

[If you’d like to be a Guest Blogger, Reviewer, etc, shoot me an email. I’m always open to blog story ideas.]

Anyhoo, I recently blogged about these intriguing, hot images from a Girls Boarding School video in the “New Bottoms On the Block” feature, received several emails and comments about the unique spanktastic straddling spanking position, so I thought it deserved more attention.

So in that light, here is a Guest Review of a video called “Smoking Causes Pain,” by blogger MarQe, of the relatively new blog MarQe’s Study. Do check his blog out, and for the love of Pete, leave some comments on these new blogs 🙂

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Cherry Red Guest Review by MarQe:

As an occasional frequenter at the Girls Boarding School, I have always found their content to be of a consistent high quality.

Realistic situations, soundly administered punishments, attractive models and

thankfully limited use of outlandish spanking positions. As anyone that administers regular spankings to badly behaved ladies will know the positioning is all important and basics work best !

However I was intrigued when I came across “Smoking Causes Pain” on the Girls Boarding School site — the stills showed a rarely used position of a young lady suspended across one knee whilst the spanker remains standing. It gave nice sense of helplessness to the poor girl ‘dangling’ in the air, I was intrigued.

Sally is the girl in question and as the video opens she is enjoying a relaxing morning in her dorm with a cigarette and novel. Of course headmaster Tom is never faraway and is soon knocking at her door.

The smell of cigarettes is quickly detected and so ensues his search which swiftly uncovers the contraband ! Now here is my only misgiving about the clip, There is a rather sharp cut from the cigarettes being discovered to Sally being in position and already receiving a very firm hairbrushing.

I would have liked to see her being put into position. The film is a short one at just under 6 minutes and as such represents a realistic ‘swift’ punishment so to miss that out is a pity, still the ferocity with which the spanking is administered makes up for that as poor Sally’s reaction confirms.

Panties are lowered in a nice swift fashion and camera angles change to give a rounded view. Again some harsh editing sees Sally rather suddenly moved from the knee to all fours on her bed and then again to lying flat.

One broken hairbrush later and she begs for him to stop, which he does. This made me think that maybe this was a genuine plea for mercy as Sally is in tears by now & in some distress.

Of course the cigarettes are confiscated and the headmaster leaves the scene casually lighting up one for his own pleasure.

So an enjoyable clip from Girls Boarding School, especially the initial OTK scene, if only the editing had been a little more gentle.

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