Cycling for a Spanking

I recently decided to get my ass in gear, and hit the road. So on a whim I got a brand spanking new Specialized hybrid bike, and started bike commuting to work.  While I am no Lance Armstrong, I strongly suggest you give it a shot, more so for the fitness aspect than the saving money/gas/saving the Earth part of it, which is splendid too.

But my bike is certainly quite unlike this brilliant self-spanking bicycle contraption. However, I’ll stick to my hybrid racer for now. While robotic and mechanical spanking machines are not all that unusual in the spanking kink and culture, I found this striking image interesting and intriguing.

Image Source: “Sakura Wars” anime illo seen on the massive Anime OTK art forum.

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3 thoughts on “Cycling for a Spanking”

  1. You know, much as I may joke otherwise, I can’t imagine that I would feel especially motivated to pedal this bike! That is, unless someone was standing just out of view, wielding something far more threatening. Not to mention, the way I close my eyes during a spanking, riding a bike while receiving one seems to be a good way to ensure I will never be alive to receive a spanking again! Too sad to think about!

    xoxo Abby

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