Spanking Book Spotlight: Abel and Haron

Books and blogging go very well together, and when long-time, seasoned spank-bloggers (and real-life couple) Abel and Haron decide to self-publish and compile a compendium of their finest blog posts, it’s cause to celebrate this literary venture.

[By the way, do stay tuned for more spanking book spotlights and literary features on The Cherry Red Report, coming soon.]

While I have not read this book as of yet, I thought a brief Q&A with these prolific bloggers was certainly in order:

What inspired you to compile this book?

Two-fold, really: first and foremost, we thought our readers would enjoy having

the chance to look back through the best of our posts, in a book rather than online. And we’ve had some lovely comments from people who’ve bought the book so far, so we must have done something right!

And there was the selfish angle: we thought it would be a nice memento of our writing. We’re really proud of the blog, and it’s lovely to have such a professional hardback volume recording the highlights.

It’s essentially an anthology of the best posts from your blog?

That’s right. We’ve been through and edited our first 600 or so posts – choosing the ones that we personally enjoyed the most. The editing job was fun – it was lovely to look back on kinky ideas that we’d had, scenes that we’d played together and with friends, and startles we’d experienced when spanking references crept into the mainstream media.

And we were so pleased when Fiona Locke, author of the marvellous “Over The Knee,” endorsed our book, describing it as “quite simply some of the best spanking erotica you will read anywhere.” We’re really proud of that.

Sounds great! So how can readers buy the book?

They can order it via Lulu (which means all of their personal details are kept confidential, of course).

By the way, how long has your blog been around?

We launched Spanking Writers in early 2006. And we’ve managed to update it every day since. Given it’s a literary blog – with writing about spanking, rather than the kinky photographs that make up most fetish blogs – that’s a fair amount of effort, when one stops to think, but we love doing it!

And we love reading it! It’s not easy to keep a blog thriving for so long–what inspires and motivates you to keep blogging….and spanking?

Keeping spanking? Well, Haron keeps misbehaving and… to be honest, we’re so fundamentally kinky that that the idea of not spanking is hard to imagine! And we’re lucky to have some wonderful, dear friends in the scene, too.

As for continuing blogging, we both love writing, and we love the sense of community that has developed around the blogs: the posts always inspire great comments from our readers, and some of the discussions are actually more entertaining than the ideas which sparked the debate in the first place. Blogging’s proved to be rather addictive – and great fun.

Thanks for taking the time to chat with The Cherry Red Report! Blog on!


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