Of New Model Jade, Spanking, And Amazing Daisy Dukes

First of all, GO BOSTON CELTICS! ! ! ! And now back to our regular scheduled programming:

Very yummy spanking images featuring brand-new models are always a delight.

And very hot daisy duke images are just as tasty, though top-notch ones are not easy to find. So when you find these two disparate elements melded together in a potpourri of photographic erotic spanking hotness, well then, you have one very happy blogger.

New spankee “Jade” over the lap of Chelsea Pfeiffer on Good Spanking.  Breathtaking.

Spanking star Chelsea Pfeiffer

I’m not talking about plain old Levi’s jean cut-offs. I’m not talking about run-of-the-mill jean shorts. I’m talking about deliciously and impossibly tight jean-shorts that are about 3 sizes too small, shrunk up in the dryer and perfectly molded to a perfect posterior.

On her Good Spanking site, Chelsea Pfeiffer has several new drool-inducing models such as Sarah Faye and Melanie Jayne (who looks awesome in her dukes btw), but these images really grabbed me. In fact, they are the finest short-shorts and spanking images I’ve seen in quite some time.

Here we have the the amazing Jade squirming over the lap of the beautiful Chelsea getting a dose of Chelsea’s seasoned discipline.


Truly a masterwork of a spankable bottom on Jade, and simply masterful images from Good Spanking (big kudos to the lucky man behind the camera, Larry, Chelsea’s hubbie, ace photog, Web guru, and all-around genius) .

I can’t wait for the next update, when Chelsea de-panties the lovely Jade, and her diminutive, lacey-white panties get slowly, gradually peeled down.

CRR asked Chelsea for the inside scoop on Jade:

“It’s challenging spanking Jade. She’s got an incredibly high tolerance…I mean really, really high. She’s amazing to work with. Easy going and she has such a good time. She started out fetish modeling in NY with a friend. Liked it a lot and has become a full time fetish model.”

She said she hadn’t worked very many spanking companies and was a little tentative at first. That is except for her choice of implements. She chose my three-in-one cane. It’s three canes bound together at the handle end. Imagine that! She says that she enjoys almost all fetishes, but that spanking is her personal favorite.”

For more info on Chelsea Pfeiffer and Jade, perv on over here:

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